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I'm looking at changing the flooring in my home gym and am looking for suggestions on the best type of material.

I currently have the foamy interlocking pieces, and while its' nice not to need a mat, this type of flooring doesn't work with any gliding devices and I find I sometimes get 'stuck' on the floor when doing cardio workouts.

The room is a converted garage so it's only use is as a gym (or a walkway from kitchen to outside recycling LOL).

Thank you


I have the same flooring and use furniture gliders. Sometimes I have to spray a little pledge if they get too dusty and won’t slide.


I have core flyte gliders that are on wheels. Nothing else will slide on the interlocking foam mats. :(
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I have puzzle mats as well in my home gym. They are ridged and my gliders don't work on them either. I've resorted to throwing down a carpet remnant for gliding disc workouts. If there isn't much disc work in a workout, then I might skip the carpet and just do that segment right outside the home gym on the hard floor, or just modify without discs.


I realize this is an older post. I usually unroll a carpet to use the discs. Today, I just didn't want to deal with it, so I had the idea to use a curtain I have. The front is a little texture so it stayed in place and the back is a smooth liner. The discs worked perfectly. Easy to put up and do and store. This one was a cheap one from walmart. Roughly 52" X 72".


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