Beach Blast Guy


Really enjoying watching the live classes. The guy near the front in the Beach Blast shirt just beams enthusiasm. I love watching him. Cathe needs to put him in a video asap! : )
Jesse1 - there were a lot of positive comments about you on Cathe's (athlete) facebook page as well! Many of us enjoyed watching you - you ROCKED at the road trip! I wasn't there, but also noticed you on the live stream. It would be great to see you in one of Cathe's videos!
Yeah! It would be a great idea to be on Cathe's new videos. Maybe I will. Thanks for the compliment. :D
Are these recorded anywhere, or were they live-only so if you missed them you can't see them? If they are available can someone please post a link?

Thank you for the compliment guys. I really love Cathe. I could definitely teach.:D

Go for it! You'd be great at it.

I taught group fitness for 23 years at someone's suggestion and never regretted a second of it.


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