Bait and switch on "organic" soy milk


Because, morningstar, the world doesn't revolve only around me. I don't use soy products because of the negative implications with breast cancer.

This post is not to inform myself but I know that many people are using soy products and I thought they might want to know.
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I'm starting to suspect that maybe the two of you don't really get along? ;)

Thanks for the info Carola. That's disappointing. I've been buying the So Delicious Coconut Milk lately, but DH still does the soy. :confused:


Thanks, Carola. I still get soy burgers, but I use Almond Milk for cooking my oatmeal now (YUM!!).


It is so annoying that food manufacturers keep doing those switcheroos! Ugggh!:mad::mad::mad:

We definitely can NOT trust them.

(I still resent Kashi for at one time in the past marketing their cereal as "organic" --before the standards were in place---but evidently meaning that it didn't contain INorganic substances, like rocks! The front label said "organic" but none of the ingredients were labelled as organically grown, nor was there any kind of certification. I never bought their products again).

Thanks for informing us (whether we use soy products or not!) about these deceptive tactics.


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I stopped buying Silk before they even made this switch, because I'm trying to eat less processed soy foods. That's when I discovered So Delicious coconut milk beverages. The vanilla flavor is even tastier than Silk, and now they have a coconut milk creamer, that's really yummy, too!:p


Another fan of So Delicious coconut milk and creamer. Never liked soy milk at all and then discovered almond milk which is great and now coconut milk! Haven't tried the vanilla yet tho always get the plain. Now I will have to try the vanilla. Great in cereals, teas etc. My DH makes hot chocolate with coconut milk and loves it. This product must have seriously cut into soy milk sales.
I drink soy (just not in excessive amounts) but I only get USDA organic soy. I end up just buying a bunch from Costco but I don't trust anything as organic unless it has the USDA seal. Too many people futz with that terminology.


Does "So Delicious coconut milk" need to be refrigerated?

The creamer is found in the refrigerated section of the store (with the other creamers, at least it is in my local Whole Foods), so it seems that yes, it does.

It is indeed fabulous.


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Did I mention that they have $1 off coupons on their website? I don't know how long that link will be good, but when you print them, they say that you can use them for any of their refrigerated or frozen products. I used them for the beverage and the creamer!


I used that handy dandy coupon today! I have a carton of the creamer in my fridge, just ready for morning java. :D

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