Can someone give me the down low on how to pick a good one, how to prepare them, store them? Are they okay to eat if they turn brown??


Picking avocados depends on when you'll use them. Same day use you'll want an avocado that gives just a little when squeezed. For use later in the week I buy them rock hard, they'll soften by the time you need them. Never buy squishy, they are too far gone. You can eat them after they've browned, they're just don't look appetising. I like to replace the mayo in a sandwich with avocado. If you like guacamole I'll find and post a great recipe. If you're only using half an avocado and storing the other half, leave the pit in and wrap airtight, that's the best way to avoid browning.


Totally agree with Sue.

I never buy them from my supermarket because they treat them badly and every single one I buy ends up having gown off inside by the time it finally ripens.

So, I now only get mine from Wholefoods. Always good, and if by chance you should get a bad one, take it back to them in a ziploc back and they'll refund your $. I do it all the time!

Brown skin on outside is fine: brown flesh inside usually means "over-ripe, pitch it into the organics/compost heap".

Lemon juice can help stop the flesh from going brown. I remember once reading an article in which Eva Longoria said she uses a packet of Emergen-C to have the same effect. Never tried it myself, but it must be the citric acid...

I make guacamole every 3 days or so, we love it in this house! But I also adore slicing a half on top of a very leafy salad. Add dressing, and voila.



Thanks for the info! I've had guac but don't like spicy things but would definitely make a non-spicy version. I was thinking of using an avocado instead of mayo in tuna or chicken salad recipes. I've also seen a recipe to use them instead of the yolk in deviled eggs. I've just recently taken a liking to avocados and hope to be able to use them for new lunch ideas. I get sick of packing the same old lunches! I'm trying to find something low carb, yet filling.


During our health fair this year I made green eggs ... Boiled the eggs (well I baked them) and replaced the yolks with guacamole. Yum!!


I'll second the green-smoothie suggestion. I make the richest-tasting chocolate smoothie with kefir (or water), 1/2 avocado, 1/2 banana, cocoa powder, kale (spinach works, too), stevia to taste, ice, and protein powder.

Avocado slices on turkey burgers are fabulous--especially with some grilled onions.
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Avocado on turkey burgers, sounds good too! Unfortunately, smoothies aggravate my IBS so have never been able to go that route.


for a quick work lunch I like avocado diced up with fresh salsa and tuna
and eat it with celery sticks



According to USDA Food Database.....

I like to replace the mayo in a sandwich with avocado.

An average raw California avocado, about 4 ounces (no skin, no seed), contains 10 Gms of fiber, 3 Gms of protein, & 700 mg of potassium for 220 Kcals. Talk about a good fat! On the other hand, 1 ounce of mayo = 200 Kcals, no fiber, & no protein.

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One avocado + 2 T cocoa powder + 3 T coconut nectar + sprinkle of cinnamon.
Beat until smooth. Heaven. ;)


Can i just say.....thanks for spelling avocado correctly?! I see it spelled incorrectly soooo many times...even at grocery stores!

Its not "avacado", people!:eek:

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