Good Morning Cathe and SNM!

I have a quick question about the audition. I was under the impression that an audition form was due to be emailed to all road trippers to pre fill out, prior to the audition. I just want to make sure I have not missed it in my inbox or that it hasn't been shuffled in with my Spam email. Has one been emailed out or is it still in the works???

Sorry to bother you.
Hi :D

We are all in the same boat as you- anxiously awaiting the news about the signup forms! As far I can tell nothing has been sent yet, but hopefully Cathe or SNM will pop in here with an update!

Audition Form in Monday's Newsletter 6/27

Saw this on Cathe's FB so thought I'd bring it here ;)

Question was asked about the Spin Application

  • Cathe Friedrich I know, this is so my bad. I have NOT forgotten, just uber swamped. I will get it out in Mondays newsletter....I promise.Yesterday at 7:08pm

While I'm not trying to speak for Cathe/SNM, I think everyone can take a breath and relax. There is plenty of time built into the Disney schedule that will allow for all things :D

So smile this week and be ready to put your game face on this coming weekend.

Cathletes Rock!

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