Arrgh!! Aggravating


Everytime I have to reboot my computer, I lose everything in my workout blender including all of my blended videos. Luckily, they are all save in itunes, but the issue is this: Usually when this happens, I have to re-load everything back into the workout blender, but now it stopped working completely. My husband, who is real computer savy and knowedgeable about trouble shooting computers worked on it for 2 hours and still couldn't get it to work. He did everything in the suggestions for 80% issue link that you have posted and also cleared Cathe from the cache folder. I don't know what to do now? Our computer runs off Windows 7, I believe I have the latest workout blender installed, I updated Adobe air. What next?
I love, love, love the workout blender. I love mixing my favorite Cathe segments into my personal workout videos and I love the fact that I can make custom videos with 1/2 hour cardio and 1/2 hour weights. I am so looking forward to Cathes new videos, especially with the 10X where I can blend more 30 minute cardio workouts with weights.

Any suggestions?
I Hear Ya!

The first cell phone I ever purchased was an iPhone back in 2008 in anticipation of the workout blender, & so I could take my workouts with me on the road. The workout blender has never worked for me! I tried many times over the years & through new computers hoping each update would fix it. If it had ever worked for me, I probably would have purchased the entire Cathe digital video library! Eventually I stopped buying digital downloads with my pre-orders.

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