Are the new workouts shipped?

I see collagevideo too but their estimate date is novembre 1st. I don't read "in stock". maybe I'm wrong? I hope becouse this would mean that our dvds is on the way :eek:
Of course I took a look too! :D They are estimating Nov. 1. I am SURE Cathe would have let us known if ours had shipped.
Collage doesn't have the new workouts-they can't :D Cathe just posted yesterday that the masters have been sent to Sony for replication and they are hoping to have them back in 2-3 weeks.

ETA: Sorry, it wasn't a post, it was in the newsletter sent out yesterday:

As we mentioned last week all of the workouts are now finished and the masters have been delivered to SONY to be duplicated. Normal turnaround is two to three weeks. Because of the Holidays SONY is busier than normal, but we should hear something shortly on when our production run will be completed. We will let you know more just as soon as we hear from SONY
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Thank You Janet. I was just getting ready to post that. Yes, a short delay. We'll definitely let you know when they ship. We'll run big announcements everywhere :D

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