I think if you took a survey of overweight people you would have a hard time finding one who got that way by eating too much fruit. I find that I can eat as much fruit as I want (maybe 3 a day?) and not gain weight. When I start eating candy and junk I pack on the pounds immediately. I've also found that I can eat as many nuts as I want (maybe 1/2 cup serving?) and not gain weight. I eat them roasted but unsalted. I think you need to eat based on how your own body reacts to foods and not worry about so many strict rules. I don't worry so much about natural foods but try to avoid the processed stuff.



I have been eating simple carbs only (aka: fruit) in the morning for years, a very high carb/complete protein lunch, with a lean meat/salad or vegi dinner for years and have loved it. It has worked wonders! As stated earlier, food as God made it is a great thing. And everything in moderation...

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