AOS Newport versus Kettlebell Way Empire State


Does anyone have both of these dvds? How does the Kettlebell Way Empire State compare to Providence? I just got the original Providence and love it but would like another DVD to alternate with. I was hoping that maybe the DVD with Beth would have a little more personality and explanation in the voice over. I really liked the workout in Newport but Anthony didn't really talk smoothly or explain things - it was more like, okay watch me and follow along. I'd appreciate anyone's feedback since KWES is onsale today...

I do not have Newport but I do have KBYW both the orginal and Empire State. Empire State is a new work out but the original is a remake of Newport and it has a tutorial in it. Purchasing the original KBYW may be what you need more so then then the 2nd one. While it might be ashame to basically have 2 of the same work out I find the demonstration/explanation of the moves to be very important. There is no way I was doing a kb work out with out having some idea of how to do the moves first!

I think Wendy means The Kettlebell Way is a remake of Providence. ;) I have The Kettlebell Way Volume 1, Newport and Empire State. The Empire State does have a little more personality. KWES is very different than Newport. It has a nice joint mobility section which was actually filmed for The Kettlebell Way. They included more footage and I feel it makes it more of a complete joint mobility warm-up or cool down. It's almost 10 minutes long. I think there is a preview of the Empire State on You Tube. Not too sure if I answered your question but I hope I helped a little. :)
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Thanks for the responses ladies. I mistyped in the title - I have Providence (not Newport). Anyway, I'm not interested in purchasing the remake of Providence, I understand the exercises well enough and the workout is excellent. I just don't get the flow like Anthony is talking to you and totally comfortable.

So to be little more specific, how does the focus of the workout in KWES compare to the workout in Providence? And does Beth really give the workout a more personable feel?

Shirl, thanks for the link!

Thanks again,
Wow, I'm confused. There exists Kettlebell Way 1 and Kettlebell Way 2 (Empire State). These two are co-led by Anthony and Beth.

There also exists AOS Providence and AOS Newport, which are led by Anthony only.

For simplicity sake, lets state that KBW1 = Providence, but with focus on beginners due to a tutorial and Beth making it more accessable.

Today, KBW2 (Empire State) is on sale and you want to know if they explain things better than the AOS workouts do. Yes. But I only say this because there is banter between Beth and Anthony and modifications are shown.

I don't have either of the AOS workouts mentioned, but do have both KBW workouts. So take my advice with a grain of salt.

To add to the confusion...

AOS also has a two-disk tutorial and workout program (excellent tutorial) called Kettlebell Training Clinic Vol. I, also Firepower, and the newly released Santa Monica.

I have the Training Clinic, KB Way I (did it this morning); KB Way II (haven't done it yet), and have Newport on order.

I'm not ready for Firepower or Santa Monica yet! :D

It is confusing, but their website has a lot of info and clips that have helped me.
In the intro to KBW Empire State, I believe they say that it is meant to be in between AOS Providence and AOS Newport in difficulty.

So if you've done Providence (or the original KBW), the next level up would be KBW Empire State and then another level up to Newport where he doesn't explain as much.

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