Anyone w/ new dvd's not have a freezing issue?


Just asking in case i have a problem.Haven't received them yet. Tomorrow. I would like to know what kind of player you have?
Might help those with a problem and if i need to i can get a new one and use the other in another room for movies...

I do know my living room player is a 5 disk changer and we bought it about 6 years ago when things 1st came out. It was really expensive, but i ocassionally have a problem with a disk on it. The others are fairly new.
Anyone with no problems. Please post...
Maybe this will help solve the problem for many..

Aka( Storm)
Anne In the other thread about "Those who have rec's them ...freezing?" There are several MINE DONT FREEZE posts...
I know . I figured i would put one one open disc so everyone would see.
Just figured i would help everyone out.
I received them today - previewed all four and had zero freeze ups. I have a Sony 5 disc changer, which I bought about 2 1/2 years ago.
So far no problems with mine (Sony 5 Disc player). I've previewed all 4 but fast forwarded through some parts.
Does everone have a progressive scan player. Mine are and seem fine, but i have not totally gone through them. This may make a difference.
My DH mentioned this. My 1st one in the living room was one of the 1st ones made and it isn't it clicks between segments on movies between chapters.It was like 400 bucks back then so we deal with it.
Aka( Storm)
i don't have any freezing issues so far..... (i've done LIC and DM... i've previewed the others where they are known to skip but have not played them all the way through yet)

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Mine don't freeze so far. I have a very cheap Symphonic single disc player that I picked up at Wal-Mart for around $30. It plays everything I've ever had.
I have only done LIC and I didn't have any freezing problems. I have previewed the rest at the spots were there are reports of freezing and they are fine. I have a one disc Panasonic player that is a couple of months old.
I've only done LIC so far. No problems at all w/ my Sony DVD player (about 4 years old) and just a little skip during the Lying Extensions on my cheapie Alba DVD player (£20 at Tesco!)

I'm planning on previewing the rest of the workouts this evening, at least those places where freezes/skips have been reported.
Well, we moved a few months ago and the DVD player is still not hooked up.

So, I'm happy to report...

No freezing when played on a PS2 (playstation 2).:+


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