Anyone from Oahu?


Hi, just wondering if anyone is from Oahu and can answer some questions. We are travelling to Oahu next month (very excited). We won't have a car, but wanted to walk Diamond Head and Koko Crater (the rail steps) in the one morning. I am just wondering the best way to get from Diamond Head to Koko Crater and then back to Waikiki? Also, is there anything we should do that the locals love to do? Thanks
I lived on the Big Island for many years (miss Hawaii). I can't say too much about the logistics of Koko crater and Diamond Head, but as far as fun things to do on Oahu:

Rent a jeep and go to the North Shore - also just take a drive around the island, period. There's lots to see. (Be prepared for gnarly traffic, however!)

Visit the International Market off Kuhio Ave down in Waikiki - lots to see there

They have a zoo off Waikiki towards Diamond Head

Visit Pearl Harbor to view the memorial

Be sure to try out local restaurants - if you like seafood, definitely try the Ono. Hawaii has a very large Asian population, so you're also pretty much guaranteed to eat amazing Asian cuisine there, like Thai, Japanese (sushi!!), Korean, etc.

As far as transportation, I do believe they have some shuttles that run up and down Waikiki, so check for those - I think they're called Hele-on

Again, I lived in the Big Island so I didn't get over to Oahu much. When doing so, we typically took advantage of Honolulu's city atmosphere because that wasn't available in Kona. So a lot of the things we used to do involved city-type experiences, such as visit Ala Moana mall, hit the Cheesecake Factory ('cause again, they don't have one on Hawaii island), etc.

Hopefully someone else has some other fun suggestions for you. Have a great time!
I can’t think of a better place to be right now than on the beach in Hawaii!!!! I haven’t been on a vacation since 2006. Hey maybe I should look for a PRN nursing assistant gig in Hawaii!!! Aloha! Luca would love running on the beach!
I recommend the Polynesian Cultural Center and the Dole Plantation. My memory is they are both in or near the North Shore. Have a great trip!

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