Anyone else healthy but spouse is not?


Hi fellow Cathletes -
Looking for some words of wisdom, hope, perhaps just some company...I am a healthy/clean eating avid exerciser, my DH is the opposite. I've learned not to nag - just let him be who he is and offer encouragement when he takes steps to improve his health.

One of the harder things is bringing up my children to have healthy eating/lifestyle habits (I'm so lucky - they will eat/drink just about anything without complaint - even my green smoothies in the morning! Plus they are VERY active!) DH has a hard time with it - and we've compromised on several things (for instance, Saturday is dad's day - i.e. kids eat junk and mom doesn't say a word).

Anyone else out there in the same shoes? Just looking for some support... Perhaps I'm not the only one?



Yep, I'm in this situation too. I do the grocery shopping and cooking so at least I control what's coming into our house for the most part, but my husband often stops at the gas station on the way home from work and brings home donuts, beef jerky, and root beer. He won't eat my nutritious meals and fills up on that junk instead:( My biggest issue is the kids - when they see that Daddy has root beer, they want it too. Fridays my husband doesn't work so he is in charge of dinner, which always consists of pizza. The kids look forward to that meal and that's fine - kind of like your Saturday agreement. I just wish he wanted to take better care of himself. I try not to say anything and just lead by example - like how good I look/feel with eating well and exercising...but it doesn't seem to sink in. Maybe it will at least influence my kids' habits.


yes, it's hard but I find myself going off the rails sometimes too, which is doubly bad because he then thinks he can go even further over to the dark side, always said he would probably eat sugar from the jar. Junkie. :p

I'm not big on sweets, however I caved @halloween and bought more than enough, I do wish though someone else would right the ship once in a while. Occasionally he'll get on a healthy kick, but not consistently. It's a mind set, if you don't bring that stuff in the house, and you plan & make healthy meals, it's not as hard. I don't have kids, unfortunately they are inundated with all the wrong kinds of things at every turn. If I did have kids I would teach them how to cook, or even just assemble healthy meals & snacks of they're own design at least some of the time. You know through repetition it will like take, at least you'll know, they know how.

Good Luck. Maybe DH should take a turn at it too?


I am there as well, and it is very hard. No kids, but I find myself slipping into the bad habits, just to keep the peace. It is so easy to slip when someone else is there and not supportive of good eating.

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