Another Cathe Live Request


Active Member

I would LOVE an upper body workout using just the barbell and bands, like a fusion of Total Body Barbell and Bands and Barbell Upper Body.

I love your barbell only workouts! They (can be BRUTAL but) are so. much. fun! :)

And, I'm always looking for (more) upper body workouts!

(If you're feeling like throwing in or have been toying with the idea of doing another barbell total body workout, as well, you have my vote! ;) )

So, when you're planning out your classes, keep me in mind! :)

Kathy G

Great suggestion Liz! Hope you don't mind if I also jump in here and ask for another metabolic workout like "Metabolic Meltdown" which is one of my favorites. It's a workout I LOVE to hate, lol. My heart rate stays up there the entire time with no impact, and I feel like every muscle group has been worked!


Not sure if this is feasible to do or not but I did Pyramid Lower Body today and thought that would be nice to have as a live class. Upper Body too of course.

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