Ankle weights for scrawny ankles?


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I've been using my old Altus ankle weights for the bonus section of legs in meso 1. (I'm doing the 6 month, so am still in meso 1.) My issue is that they slosh around on my ankles even at the tightest I can pull the strap and take a long time to put on. Clearly they were designed for men, not smallish women.

Any recommendations for ankle weights that'll fit and that don't take 5 minutes to get on and off? I'm working with 5 pounds (each leg) for STS. I add another pair on top for another workout I have. So, 5 pounders would be good. Adjustable 5-10 or 5-15 would be better.




I have the same problem.
If the rest of me matched my wrists and ankles I would be way too skinny.
I'm hoping for an answer here too.

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