Am I the only one???

I feel like everyone has gotten their xtrain orders except me!!! Even people in Canada are receiving their orders. ... what gives??? I'm in Minnesota, it's not like I'm across the world....

Just getting a little frustrated reading about how great all the workouts are and I can't even try them! Ugh.

Okay, rant over.
i am in minneapolis and got mine on monday, and heard from another cathlete in st. paul that she also received hers on monday. hmmm, wonder what is going on? did you check your order status and see if it shipped? good luck and hope you get your xtrain soon!
I just got mine today (i'm in CT). I totally feel your pain - I was frantically checking the mailbox for days.

When did you order?
I'm glad to hear I am not alone! I haven't received mine yet either. I ordered at the end of Oct. and live in San Diego.

I'm hoping they arrive today.
I havent gotten mine yet either. I am in Canada. My guess is another week or so. I am so excited by everyone reviews. I am getting really anxious to start the new workouts. I hope everyone's comes very soon! :)

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