Alpha Omega Check-In (September)


It's the same old thing. Frustrated with work, not motivated to do more to find new work (spurts of energy), and waiting for my team to come around for our final paper.
Possible high LDL from a call from my doc. Praise HIM in the storm as Third Day sings.


Jen, I hear your frustration and know the feeling, but I'm sure you will find the motivation to start seeking out other opportunities again :) I'm in the same boat as you.

Christine, T.J.'s KPJ is a really fun workout. Do you have Cardio Party 2? That might be another one you might like. I wish Chalean would get cracking and film some new workouts. Her workouts are few and far between. I see on the forum here, people are already getting antsy for STS Cardio. It's funny, I pre-ordered early on, and I'm fine with waiting, till I hear others asking where are they? When will we get them? Then I start wanting mine too, lol. I'm not into step or real intense cardio anymore, but what I can't wait for is the MMA series. Those I am anxious to hear more about.

Ok, so I made it to the gym today. KB 30/30 was good. I was dying while doing those fire walkers using tubing. I could not keep up with the full 30 minutes of toning. Tubing really burns the muscles. Tomorrow I will do Push 3 to end my 2nd week of Push, and then my daughter is supposed to have a game at 8PM. She's fighting either a cold or allergies, so I'm hoping she'll be well enough to play.

Oh Christine, I think my daughter's lymph nodes are about 1 cent. The doctor told us they are not as big as they feel to us. He said it's covered by skin & muscle, so it's going to feel bigger than it actually is. I'll keep praying for her.

Hello Cathy, are you getting some rest? Are you done with STS now?

Good night ladies.
“Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves. Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others.” (Phillipians 2:3-4)

Jen, did you find out more about your cholesterol? I'll pray everything is okay! I'm sorry you're feeling frustrated with things right now, but like Iris said, things always turn around! Any plans for the weekend to cheer yourself up?

I'll be back for the rest of my personals, my hubby just got home from work and we're going out for dinner.



Just got done with my workout, and figured I'd post quick before I run to shower, lol.

Push 3 today was a little easier than last week. Just completed week 2. Week 3 here I come, lol. For a little cardio, I did Taebo Get Ripped 8 Minute workout, just enough cardio for today, and then I stretched with Cathe's Stretch Max.

I'm soo glad it's Friday. Looking forward to a relaxing this weekend.
“Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.” (Ephesians 4:29)

I didn't get a chance to get back on-line last night to finish my personals! We had a nice dinner and then came home to relax. We were thinking of seeing a drive-in movie, but nothing real good was playing.

Iris, Taebo actually makes an 8 minute workout?? Is it just cardio for the whole 8 minutes? CLX really is going fast for you! I don't have Cardio Party 2. It's really funny to me that you asked that because I was just wondering recently if she even made a Cardio Party 2, LOL. I thought maybe that was her live one. I hope she comes out with more TJ cardios too! I would by them in a heartbeat!! Oooh, tubing really burns me too! I find it harder sometimes than using weights!

Was your daughter able to play in her game? I'm glad to hear that her lymph nodes aren't that big. I was surprised that mine weren't either! I definitely thought they were much bigger, but it makes sense what your doc said about them being covered by skin & muscle.

Jen, how are you feeling today? Any word on your cholesterol?

Yesterday I did Jari's Slim & Lean. It felt much more tough to do this time around. I guess it's because Jari has kept me sore all week! I really like the definition I am starting to see in my arms though from these workouts! Since I didn't workout on Tuesday, today I plan on going for a run. Wish me luck, it's been a while!

Have a great weekend! :)


Hello Friends.
I am officially on statin for the next 30 days, beginning Monday. Much of my high LDL has to do with stress, I feel I have a large mountain to climb which is now right in front of me or the long flat road to walk.
The odd thing is that my weight is good so is my blood pressure.



Hi Jen, Christine & Cathy,

I hope you are all enjoying the weekend. I felt soo lazy this morning I woke up at 8AM, but forced myself to stay in bed, and didn't get out of bed until about 10:30AM. I don't usually sleep that late, but the rest felt good.

I was contemplating taking a rest day, but ended up doing Jari's Ripped & Chiseled. Now I know what you mean Christine, lol. My arms and hands were shaking as I was trying to make coffee after I was done, lol. I had to skip some of the exercises, but I got a pretty good overall burn. Looks like I'll be resting tomorrow.

Christine, my daughter's game was cancelled again yesterday. She wanted to play, even though she has a cold, but the coach told her the game was cancelled. Supposedly, he didn't have enough players available. We'll see about tomorrow's game, but hopefully they will play, since the weather should be nice.


Hello Friends,
A breakthough with my basement from a acquintance from church. And, a small meeting with the friend whom I haven't seen all summer. I have confidence in CHRIST that I will climb the mountain that is ahead of me and walk the long journey on the road. Small things are coming into place that will play huge later.
Prayers are always appreciated.
Iris-hope you enjoyed a day of rest. you deserve it.
Christine-drive-in movie, how fun and romantic.
Cathy-how are you?



hi ya'll, i know i have been gone, but been really busy, sorry. and then, my computer has been a pain. anyway, i finished STS last friday, and i am so glad. absolutely worn out! so, i have not worked out for 3 days, but i have been very busy regardless of not working out.
not sure what i'm gonna do this week. don't even feel like looking at a rotation right now. just wanna rest.

well, iris, i did today, iwas wore out!!! may try to do some cardio this week, but not sure.


Hello Ladies,

I hope you are having a good week.

Cathy, I'm glad to hear you're done with STS. I'm sure not a minute too soon, lol. I don't blame you for not wanting to look at another rotation, lol. Each tme I've completed a long rotation, I've had to take it easy and just go with the flow. I'm enjoying the CLX rotation, but still will need a rotation break when I'm done with it.

Jen, how are you? I guess you know Christine is taking a break from the forums. We'll see how things go with just the 3 of us posting. If you guys care to continue our friendship and check-ins, I'm all for it. It's really a shame that our thread here hasn't grown, because it seems soo positive to me. There are soo many check-in threads out there, but the really big ones, just seem a little impersonal to me, and I feel like I can't really get to know people.

I took a 1/2 day off today, so I could do something with my daughter when she gets out of school. She has a 1/2 day today and tomorrow. I'll hopefully get to the gym this evening for some kickboxing.

Have a great day ladies.


hi ya'll, i am definitely enjoying my time off. but, i have not done a workout since a week ago friday and i am still really tired! WHAT IS THE DEAL???? well, i did yoga on thursday, but that was nothing. so, now what do i do? i looked at cathe's post-STS rotation, and it has too much STS in it. dont 'want to do it. i want a more cardio based , ithink. and i have barely been here this week , so i am way behind on all the posts. what do ya'll suggest. and, i don't think i cna do a complete month of cathe. gonna put in some firm, for sure. so, i may check out the firm's october rotation.

even though i took off from excercise, this week was really busy w/ the grandkids and we had our county fair/rodeo. and was busy w/part of that. glad i was off, cuz i don't know when i woulda worked out anyway. so, even though i'm still tired, i think i'm ready to get started again tomorrow.


WOO HOO! nothin' like a good ole' FIRM to get your heart pumpin' & sweat pourin'. i did the old CALORIE KILLER 2 w/dale brabham. super tough. haven't done alot of box work while doing STS, cuz i was so exhausted. but, it felt good to do box and 4-limb again.

i was tired when i started, but got revved up and did some of the sections twice. i feel better now! gonna tack on a some lower body work right now.


hey where is everyone? ya'll ok?

did the old FIRM vol. 6 today w/ janye poteet. that is a tough workout. i'm either gettin' really old or i forgot how hard those are. the leg presses did me in , i had to stop and get air.

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