Alpha Omega Check-In (September)

“Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.” (Proverbs 22:6)

I can't believe it's September 1st and it's time to start a new thread!

Cathy, I'm happy to see you post. Looks like you got a pretty tough workout in, you're pretty strong! How did the horse show go? Did you win anything?

Iris, how was your step/sculpting class last night? Do your kids go back to school this week? (I'm sorry if you mentioned it and I forgot!) School starts tomorrow around here. I have to remember to leave earlier now to get to where I need to go since the school buses will be out and about again! :p

Jen, I remember you saying this before about your friend and the stalker. I guess she really isn't over things like you thought she might have been. Is she Christian? I'll keep things in prayer for you. Definitely seek God's guidance on whether or not she should have a place in your life right now.

Today's workout was my C25K run. It's Week 8 where I was supposed to run 28 minutes, but I went straight to Week 9 and ran the full 30 minutes (3 miles)! I'm so excited that I did it! Once I got to 25 minutes I knew I could go for 5 more, and my dog was okay with it too. I was wiped out after it was over, but glad to get it done. After that I did abs and stretching from Slim Series.

Hope everyone is having a great day! :)
I can't believe September is here already :( I stepped outside this morning and actually felt chilly.

Christine, I can't believe how well you're doing with your running :) That is such a great accomplishment.

My 30/30 step class was a tough workout yesterday. We had enough room in the class yesterday for the instructor to get creative, so, she decided to line up the steppers in two rows. We did our regular step routine facing a partner. Which through a lot of people off, lol. Then she had us do football drills along the length of the boards, run and repeat, (over & over)! At a couple points, all of the women would stop and just look at each other, shaking our heads. This instructor is insane, lol. Thank god I'm not doing CLX this week, because I would have never had the energy for that class yesterday, lol.

My daughter is my only kid left in school, and she starts next Wednesday. We've been shopping and she's starting to look forward to going back, I think, lol.

Today's workout will be the 30/30 kickboxing class. That one shouldn't be nearly as tough as yesterdays.

Oh my little grandson starts pre-school tomorrow :( Thank god I'm not taking him, because I would cry, lol.

Ok, I will try to check in a gain later.
Hello Friends.
Both the stalker and the friend our Believers. She suggested that I go to some event with the two of them, I found it quite toxic. It won't happen now cause the singles group split. Yes, thank you for your prayers on this. Plus, my basement has gone from a small project to a big one. Now, it involves moving water flow on the outside of the house like moving dirt.
What is everyone's plan for the Holiday? Saturday is the Faire and the next two days after that is prepping the house for the future project.


No real holiday plans for me Jen. I'd love to do something, but with my husband's schedule always being soo screwy, it's hard to plan. I'll keep your situation in prayer.

Hello Christine & Cathy. I hope you are both having a good evening.

The class at the gym was good. I am feeling tired, and it's only Tuesday. Tomorrow I'll be working out at home.

Have a great night ladies.
Today is a new Day!! Thursday will be a long one so tonight, I hope, to be normal. Changes in my schedule and location at work so I think it will be good.
"Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvast if we do not give up." (Galatians 6:9)

Jen, do you have anyone to help you with your house work or do you do ,it all yourself? It seems best to follow what you believe is right in this friend/stalker situation. It definitely doesn't seem like a healthy situation to be a part of, from what you've told us. Keep praying for God's guidance and wisdom! We don't have big plans for the weekend, just to get some more housework done and relax a bit. We may have a mini-BBQ on Monday, nothing fancy, just some more burgers/hot dogs with family.

Iris, I thought of you now that the weather has changed because you said you liked it warm. I, however, am in my glory with this cooler weather! :D At least the sun is still out, because I do like that, but I love that it's only in the 70's. I needed a light sweatshirt when I went out with my dog the other day!

That 30/30 class sounded like it was fun! She really seems to give you your hour's worth! How did you feel after those endless football drills!? :p What do you plan on doing tonight at home?

How was your grandson's first day! How exciting and sad at the same time! Was your son okay with it? I wonder how he liked his first official day of "school". Too cute!

Hi Cathy!

Today's workout was Jari's Slim & Lean. Iris, I see what you mean about this one being torturous! My shoulders were definitely fried afterwards (along with everything else!) I plan to walk my dog too in a bit.

Have a great day everyone!
Hello Christine,
Thank you for your prayers, I have decided to walk away from both of them. I confronted my friend about the change in our relationship this week and it only confirmed her reasoning of her behavior. The stalker person has been out of my life since mid-June. I believe I did the right thing to question my friend's behavior though.
The communication has given me closure to walk away from the relationship.
Saturday is Faire day! My knight in shining armor might find me there-not really.
My church has a website called The Common, which brings people together based on need and ability. Many places of worship are using this site to build community. This site has put people in my life that can assist me with this.
Enjoy your weekend and mini-bbq.

Hello Ladies,

This has been a really busy day.

I took my daughter to the doctor again today for the swollen glands/bumps. (we're not sure what it is). The doctor doesn't think it's anything serious, but because she can't pinpoint what the problem is, she's referred us to an Ear/Nose/Throat doctor. She says in some cases they will drain it, or remove it, so she prefers to send me to someone else. She told me no matter what, it's not serious, so I am a little more relieved, though not completely.

My workout today was LIC. The weight segments in that workout are pretty good. I didn't use any risers, since my legs were feeling well worked between Monday's step class, and yesterday's kickboxing class.

I also spent a couple hours in the mall with my daughter again, and now she is fully set for school, lol. The kid can shop!!

My grandson actually starts pre-school tomorrow. I was a day early. I'm nervous about it.

Good night ladies.
“This is what the LORD says— your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel: "I am the LORD your God, who teaches you what is best for you, who directs you in the way you should go.” (Isaiah 48:17)

Iris, I'm glad to hear your doctor isn't too concerned about your daughter's glands. I think it's a good idea for her to see an ENT. I think I mentioned to you that I'd like to see one too, I actually have to make an appointment soon. I get re-occuring sore throats/swollen glands in my neck. So you decided not to do Ripped 1000? I really like LIC, and yes I agree that the weight work in that one is really good too! So today is the big day for your grandson!? How did it go?

Jen, I'm happy to keep things in prayer for everyone! I'm glad you found closure in walking away from your friend because it's tough when you have second thoughts. Have fun at the fair this weekend!

Cathy, how are you doing?

Today's workout was TJ Cardio Party 1 and Slim & Limber. I had so much fun!! I almost forgot how much fun the TJ workouts are. I have some errands to run and some cleaning to do today, but right now our newest little kitty is curled up in my lap sleeping while I type so I may spend some extra time on the couch before I get on with my day! :)

Blessings to everyone!
Christine, I really like CP1. It works the legs good. As a matter of fact if I don't go to the gym today, I'll do that one at home.

The reason I decided not to do Ripped1000 yesterday, is that originally I planned to do just cardio so I picked LIC. Then I remembered that LIC is actually a circuit workout, and since I have not done a step workout in ages, I figured a circuit would be good, to make the step segments more doable for me. I'll probably do Ripped on Saturday instead.

My grandson did start school today :( Poor baby. Stephanie told me cried, which I expected, because he even cries when they leave him with me, usually. I call him a mama's boy, lol. She called a few minutes ago, and they told her he's fine. He was outside playing at the moment. She text me a picture of him in his little uniform this morning, and it brought tears to my eyes.

I'll check in again tonight after my workout. Have a great day ladies..
Amen, thank god tomorrow is Friday! LOL.

Jen, are you having a tough week? My week has been ok, but I am soo ready for the weekend.

Cathy, hope all is going well.

Christine, never did get to CP1 today. Instead I ended up doing Powerstrike 4. I was looking forward to a good kickboxing workout. I'm amazed at how much stronger my legs feel since I've been doing CLX. I'm looking forward to getting back to them on Monday, although I have enjoyed this week's relaxed workouts.

Have a great night everyone.
"The grace of our Lord was poured out on me abundantly, along with the faith and love that are in Christ Jesus. " (1 Timothy 1:14)

Iris, isn't nice to feel your legs getting stronger!? That happened to me with running. It's a great feeling. I'm happy to hear you're excited to get back into CLX next week!

I'm glad things worked out with your grandson starting pre-school. Children seem to adapt pretty fast, I'm not surprised he went from crying to being okay and playing outside. :) I'm sure at first he was just missing his momma!

Jen, have fun at your fair tomorrow! It's Friday, hooray!

Cathy, how are you doing? We haven't heard from you in a few days.

Today I plan on doing Ripped & Chiseled. I may skip the squats & lunges because my legs are pretty tired. I took my dog for a walk today and we went 3.4 miles. It's such a beautiful day out! My hubby is heading to Albany this weekend with his dad to pick up some beds his aunt is giving away. Depending on whether or not there is room in the moving truck, I may end up going too. I told my hubby I wouldn't mind staying home though! :p :)

Have a great 3-day weekend everyone! Blessings! :)
Iris, I think Ripped & Chiseled is Jari's toughest workout for me so far! After I got done with it I had to go to Ryder to pick up the keys to the rental truck for my hubby to use this weekend and as I was trying to fill out paperwork and sign my name, my arms were shaking like crazy!! I couldn't even finish the tricep track today, I was toast! Hope you have a great w/o tonight! :)
well, hi ladies, i really am still alive. LOL! been busy, and computer issues. i have been doing my workouts. but, last nite, i went riding, and my horse was gettin' a drink out of the tank and almost fell in! he lost his footing and we almost took a swim. he caught himself , but i jerked my arm bad holding on, and aggravated my tennis elbow really bad. so, disc 30 today was mainly done w/my left arm. major drag!!! and, this is the super heavy week. i am so bummed! and, i think i'm kinda burned out on STS. i'm sooooo tired. it is really hard to get thru these workouts. so, if i can get thru the next 2 weeks, i'm done for the year w/STS. i really have been having a hard time keeping my focus. anyway, i did 4ds kickbox yesterday w/the abs and 3 sets of tall box climb. well, gotta go for now. so, ttyl.
Cathy, sorry to hear about your injury :( I know how you must feel. I hurt my shoulder the last week of STS, and I was soo bummed. Honestly, I don't think I will ever do STS exactly fully ever again. I will definitely choose which exercises and how many per body group I want to do, because for me, it just felt like it was too much. I don't want my body to fall apart on me as I get older, and I feel I need to protect my joints, lol. I give you credit for repeating the rotation so close to the first time :)

Jen, have a great weekend, and enjoy the Fair even :) I'm sure it's going to be a lot of fun.

Christine, I couldn't remember much about Ripped & Chiseled, so I looked it up on Collage. It doesn't seem to have compound exercises. Is that right? If so, I will need to do that one again, next opportunity. Sounds like it burned you good, lol.

As for me, I'm soo glad it's Friday. My boss decided to let us leave at 4:15PM. 45 minutes before closing, but hey, I'm grateful for even 1/2 hr., lol. It gave me a headstart on getting home, and getting to my workout. I did a Jari workout also. Ripped1000. I even used 1 pair of risers this time, and got a great calorie burn. It was fun doing circuit workouts this week, and I must say, I feel ready to get back to CLX.

Christine, if you make the trip with your hubby, enjoy :) I'm going to try to get some R&R this weekend. Have a great night all.
"You are my God, and I will give you thanks; you are my God, and I will exalt you. Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever."

I have a prayer request. Last night my sister called me to say she thought my grandma (who is going on 93) had possibly had a stroke :)() and an ambulance was on its way to bring her to the hospital. I guess my sister had called her and could tell something was wrong by the way my grandma was slurring her speech. (We both talked to her earlier in the day and she was fine) So while my husband and I were on our way to the hospital, my BIL called back to say it wasn't a stroke, just very low blood sugar! Thank GOD!! I was a wreck and so thankful to hear she was back to normal after they gave her some sugar. She has diabetes, but I guess for some reason her sugar went too low. Anyway, they did all kinds of tests and her blood pressure was really high - around 215/108 - so they gave her some pills and made her stay until her blood pressure went down. Finally, around 1am, it went down and we could take her home. I felt so bad, she is petrified of hospitals and doctors, I think that is part of what made her blood pressure so high! Anyway, thank God she is fine today but we really need help in determining the best living situation for her. There are other family issues involved that need prayer too, so I would appreciate it if you could keep my grandma's health in prayer, as well as for God's guidance in figuring out the best way to help her day to day. Thanks!
Cathy, I'm so sorry to hear about your injury! Thankfully you and the horse are both okay though, I'm sure that must have been scarey! You know the Lord works in mysterious ways and sometimes injuries that slow us down can actually work to our benefit by MAKING us slow down! (Sorry about the capitals, I'm not yelling, I just wanted to emphasis that word but don't know how to make it in bold :p) Anyway, I know injuries are frustrating and no one wants the pain no matter what the reason, but I say listen to your body! If you are burned out on STS, I say definitely break from it, even if you can't finish the last two weeks. Get some nice rest for yourself! :)

Iris, I can't wait to try Ripped 1000, I haven't tried that one yet. I'm glad you enjoyed your circuit week! I think taking breaks at the end of each phase will prevent you from burning out on CLX, so that's a good thing! Oh boy am I super sore today from R&C!! There are no compound moves, so you'll like it! It's crazy though because she does a chest press segment, then a push up segment, then a chest fly segment!! I was like holy fire in the chest! :p I love it though, it really gives you a good burn. I couldn't even finish the tricep track, I'm so sore today, but I love it.

Jen, have fun at your fair this weekend! I hope you have nice weather!

I usually take off from workouts all weekend, but I might do some cardio today for some much needed stress release from all the excitement last night! Have a great weekend everyone.
Christine, that must have been such a scary experience. I know how close you are to your grandma. I will definitely keep her and your situation in prayer. With all of the excitement, did your hubby manage to make the trip up to his aunt's house? Hearing about the burn you got from Ripped & Chiseled has me wanting to revisit it again. I must say, I am a little sore myself today from Ripped1000. My chest needed a good burn, so I opted to substitute the push up work with more weight work.

Today's workout was a mish-mosh. I was overzealous and chose Powerstrike Mil.2. I should know better. That is definitely a workout I need to do when I am more rested. I have worked pretty hard this week, so my muscles are feeling it. I made it through about 40 minutes of the workout and decided, why keep pushing myself through this. I'm better off stopping, while I still like the workout, lol. I took that out, and put in a 10 minute butt workout, and finished off with STS Med. Ball Abs. I guess I got in a full workout after all.

Tomorrow I will take a full rest day and Monday, I'll be back to working hard with CLX. Hope the excitement lasts, lol.

Have a great day & holiday weekend everyone.

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