After just one month of Xtrain.....


Let me start in the beginning....I am a single mother, attend college full time, and work two jobs. I let myself go. Last June of 2015, I quit smoking, and put on another 20 lbs.

November of 2015, I had been so sick for awhile, and had to go to urgent care. The doctor was talking to me about my school and such while she was putting an iv in my arm. I told her I was graduating in May, then going to Grad school in the fall. She told me to not be surprised if I put on another 50-80 lbs, because "everyone pretty much does in grad school." I was horrified, I was already 50 lbs overweight!!

That statement changed my life. I started STS in December, and became stronger than I could have thought. But, I wasn't eating right, so I didn't lose the weight, and with no added cardio, I wasn't dropping the inches as much as I hoped. My pants were getting lose though.

I hated cardio.

Then I bought ICE. I didn't take my measurements, but I dropped a size.

I didn't hate cardio as much. But I still dreaded it.

Then after graduation, because I was taking the summer off school, I got real. I started Xtrain. I also started logging my food.

In only one month of Xtrain, and eating better food.......

I dropped another size
Lost 9.6 lbs
Lost 2 inches in my hips
Lost 2 inches in my waist
Lost 2 inches in EACH thigh

And people were asking me if I had lost weight!!

My son's point out my muscles
I am stronger than I could have ever thought.
I can actually play basketball with my kids and not get tired out. :)

I like cardio! :)
I actually enjoy it!
I love tabatacise!!

Not just physical gains, I have noticed that I can focus better.

I am not done, I am now half way through week 7. I will keep track of measurements each month.

I start Ripped with Hiit in August.
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Wow, I freakin' LOVE your story! :)

Way to go on all of your dedication and accomplishments!
Quitting smoking WHILE in school.
Earning your degree.
Getting into Grad school.
Parenting on your own.
Being at the top of your workout game & feeling strong & focused.

Thank you for sharing this. It is encouraging to me.
I wonder what the Doc would say to see you now!! hahaa!
Thank you! Very kind of you to say so.

Actually, we live in a very small town, and I ran into her at the local grocery store yesterday. She noticed, and commented on how great I look. She asked me what I was doing, and was so glad to hear that I made the change.
Thank you both!

Justine, after this camping trip, I feel off. Cannot wait to get back into my regular schedule!

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