afraid to take the plunge

Im getting readyto pre-order the new workouts. Part of me wants to get the download version, but with my luck, I will have major difficulties. Plus, Im afraid it will be a pain to plug my ipod touch into my TV. I like the idea of getting the workouts quicker and using the workout blender, but I dont know if its worth it. I'd like to hear from those who have done downloads, and how you like it. Thanks!


It took me a while before I took the plunge. It is easy, once you got the right cables. Just make sure you get the apple brand ( I learned the hard way).



I was very hesitant to get the downloads, but I love them. I saved all them to an external hardrive. I haven't used the workout blender so I don't know how easy that is. When you download don't do it wirelessly, plug in the Ethernet cable. I read somewhere on the forums that most people who had problems with downloads taking a long time was because they were trying to do it wirelessly. I plugged in and had no problems at all. At first I did my videos on my laptop, but Santa got me Apple Tv for Christmas and I love it! I don't know anything about hooking up the comp or iPod to the tv. Good luck! I love them!


I love them. I download them to my laptop and then connect my laptop to my TV using an HDMI cable. Super easy!


90% of my Cathe's are downloads! I've never had a problem uploading my downloads and the great thing is no waiting for shipping!! 45min or less and it's on your screen :). Also, the WB works great for newer downloads so pre-mixes are easy. I did a 30min pre-mix of TBT UB in less than 3min :). I love my downloads :)



I love the downloads and it was very easy to do. I watch them on my iPad and the color is so vivid/brilliant! It's so nice when I travel!


Start with a small download- a less costly workout and try it out. My first download was Step Heat- it wasn't expensive, and I hadn't done it since the VHS tape died many years ago. Once you start, you'll be hooked.

We got Apple Tv for Christmas this year too- no regrets there!



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I love Cathe downloads! I just took the plunge with the LIS, and I'm in love! We got the Apple cable ($40,) and my husband says it's the best $40 we ever spent. My DD loves being able to hook up her iPad or the laptop to the TV and watch YouTube videos, too.

PS - Those of you putting the videos on external hard drives - please make sure you back them up someplace else, too. I moved my iTunes library to my external hard drive, which died after less than 3 years. :( My DH was sooo :mad: that I lost his music collection! I would hate to lose my Cathe videos, so I back them up to my EHD *and* DVDs.


You can also save the original emails you got with the download links, so if your external HD crashes, you can easily re-download.

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