4 in 1 chin up OR Perfect Pull Up Bar


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I want the Perfect Pull Up one. The one that goes inbetween a doorway is only good if you have a very wide doorway. If your door width is only around 32", its pretty much useless. Even 36" isn't all that great but it works. Just so you know.


Thanks. My doorway is on the smaller side. I'm liking the ceiling mounted bar. I can install that facing the television and watch Cathe make pull ups look easy while I struggle to do my first one. (Perhaps another use for the high step will be to assist me with pull up in the beginning.)

LOL Sonja!

I have a Power Tower and that thing is the best thing to do pullups on. I couldn't believe the difference between that and the stupid doorway one.

Have fun!


I have the Iron Gym one, or something like that. It may be the stupid doorway one that Debbie mentioned. A lot of people have problems getting it to fit but it works great for me. I would prefer a tower but don't have the room.
Hello- Debbie - Could you please post the brand name of your power tower? I would like one that I can use the arm slings with and also do chin ups and pullups. Any ideas? I would appreciate the help. I have to really spell it out for my DH on my Christmas list (you know brand, model number etc. lol);)

Thank you-


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