30 days of oatmeal?

Around 10 years ago I fell into a blog or something like that that had either 28 or 30 days worth of oatmeal recipes by Sheila. They were awesome, and I used to make them all the time, but have lost most of the recipes. Does anyone by chance have them? She added thinly sliced banana to every bowl she made. I would love to find the rest of them (I have maybe 4 of the set). Thanks!
If anyone has not been an oatmeal eater and is trying it for the first time, I have one big suggestion. Oatmeal by itself can taste like cardboard paste and you can get discouraged before even trying to continue with it. Sliced bananas or berries are the BEST antidote. Obviously, keeping sugar out is the goal, but nothing on oatmeal is not good at all. I've tried honey, apples, dollop of yogurt - but sliced bananas or berries is the best tasting. Anybody else have a suggestion?
I've found that the riper the banana, the better, and cooking it into the oatmeal as the recipes in the link suggest. It really does a great job of adding natural sweetness. It also makes the oatmeal a bit richer. Chopped dates are a nice touch too (date sugar too - it is just chopped up dried dates.)
I eat oatmeal every morning as a savory grain rather than a sweet one. Steel cut oats (more toothsome) and cooked on the drier side. I put a vegetable scramble on top for a good dose of protein and some home-fermented hot sauce for the probiotics. Its a filling, satisfying meal that tides me over for half the day. Comes in at about 300 calories.

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