2007 Catalog Now Shipping to USA Customers

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Our 2007 catalog is now at the mail house and will begin shipping in just a few more days to our USA customers. As long as you live in the USA and have ordered from http://www.shopcathe.com at any time in the past, you will automatically receive our new catalog within the next few weeks. Catalogs are sent by postal service bulk mail, so don't be surprised if they take a few weeks to be delivered. International customers may view and print our catalog at http://c1.virtualcatalogue.co.uk/view/getvcab.aspx?userpath=00000000/00002131/00005286/&fp=true
All orders (USA and International) shipped on or after 5-1-07 will automatically receive our new Cathe catalog with your order.
YEAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Cathe!!!!

*happy dancing all over the place*

Can't wait until I get mine! :) :) :) Credit card is in hand and ready for action. hehehe ;-)

I don't see where to post your information to order the 2007 catalog for USA customers. I have almost a complete collection of all of Cathe's Workouts (including her very 1st video), but would love to have a catalog for for reference.

Thank You
Hi Dianne,

If you have ordered from Cathe before it sounds like you will be getting a catalog automatically. If you used another vendor to order your workouts, you can go to the home page and click on the catalog tab. There is an on-line form that you can use.


If you have ordered from us in the past you don't need to sign up for the catalog as it will be sent automatically to you.

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