2 requests for the new workouts


I would like to make 2 requests for the new workouts:

The first is about the music. I know you are remaking popular songs for this series which is great but I would love to have the option on the DVDs for music only + instruction (no vocals). I would pay more to have that as an additional option on the dvds at least. I have appreciated how carefully Cathe picked the music in the last few series at a time where most instructors use recycled music. The music in LIS was perfect to me. I often workout around midnight mixing AT, AB, and CS for cardio. The music from all 3 blends so well, it gets me through the workouts. There isn't a beat in the wrong place, and no voices to compete with Cathe's instructions.

I still like the remade songs and appreciate the effort and the dedication that went into remaking them. I will be buying them once they become available to use for running. The music from Intensity was perfect for that.

The second request is to include exercises in the strength program that would normally be used for rehab/prehab. They can be used for preventative purposes. We all have the bands/tubing and doors to attach them to. We just need a dvd to play along. I took my mother to physical therapy after shoulder surgery. They used bands to work the joints in all planes of motion (sets and reps), all simple exercises that would fit in any strength program. I would love to have that on a separate DVD or as a bonus with Cathe's instructions to set the pace.

I know it is probably too late to make any changes to your plans but please keep these requests in mind for the next project.

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