2 questions


First: What rotations, Cathe or non Cathe, has given you the best results in weight loss and muscle definition area (excluding diet as we all know that diet is most important).

Second: are you planning on doing a LIS rotation or just incorporating them into your week.


STS is the rotation that works magic for me every single time. Mentally and physically for that matter.

I plan on using LIS with STS.

Jane Royse

Best results in muscle definition have been with STS - hands down. I'm waiting for Cathe's November rotation because she said she'd incorporate the new ones. I've done one a night since receiving them on Monday, just so I'll be familiar with them. I'm really loving every one of them so far, but I can already tell that I'll want to sprinkle them through the week & not just do LIS every night.


Hmmm...Well going back I have a few rotations that I got great results with. I will list them in time order, starting with the earliest first....

1) P90X back in 2007
2) Insanity in 2009
3) STS in 2011
4) Body Rock in 2011

Obviously my body prefers odd years! LOL ;)

As for LIS, I don't have any specific plans for it yet. Going to start trying them out this weekend. Once I've gotten thru them all (which could take a while since I'll probably only do them on weekends), I will decide how I am going to utilize them.
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Cathe Friedrich

Hi All! I will be posting three November rotations hopefully by Monday night.

1) All LIS
2) LIS mixed with other workouts of mine
3) A regular rotation for those who may not have LIS


I'd have to say STS with STS cardio - man I couldn't believe how much my body changed from those workouts! When I did STS weights & STS cardio - it was my 3rd time doing STS and I don't know if that had anything to do with my improved results or not. I think it probably was more the incorporation of STS cardio - those workouts really complimented STS weights so well. I didn't lose that much weight on the scale - but by the end of STS I was wearing size 4 pants that previously I fit into when I was 15 lbs lighter...it was wild.

I am just finishing up my 4th round of STS - doing the 5 1/1 month rotation (which I LOVE by the way) and am really looking forward to a 5th round of STS with LIS and STS cardio. I think that will just be the piece de resistance of workout programs!


What is the STS cardio? Is that included in the STS download bundle? I think I'm going to ask Santa for this, just want to make sure I ask for the right thing! ;)


STS Cardio is all the dvds under the "Shock Cardio" series/set if you goto the shopcathe area. They are slightly shorter but intense cardio made to complement the STS series.

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