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I'm about to start STS next week. I like the fact that the exercises vary, but how will I know that I'm reaching my goal if I only do the exercise once on the total 36 dvd set?

For instance, Double Hammer Curls is only performed once during the entire STS program. How will I know my progress?

Thanks again--this forum has been helpful.

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Muscle Confusion

With STS your goal is to constantly challenge your body with different exercises, techniques, rep patterns and weights - not to become proficient doing a particular exercise. The whole idea of muscle confusion, which is the foundation of any exercise program, is to subject your body to to a force that it is not normally use to. Sure, in many cases you may get more out of an exercise the second or third time you do it because your technique will be better, but it is also true that as your body adapts to doing the same exercise over time it will find ways of using leverage and other means to lessen the amount of muscle fibers being used. So just because you become more proficient with an exercise it does mean that you will necessarily get more out of the exercise. This is why in STS we like to repeat some exercises, but we make sure to constantly challenge your body in new ways every workout. Stick with the program and you will see your results once you complete it.
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