15 month old not eating....


UUUggghhhh! So worried :(

My 15 month old went to eating really good to barely eating all at. This is so frustrating to me. She will take a few bites of her food and that's it. She wants nothing to do with baby food at all. She will go all day with out eating much and I'm wondering if she is getting enough. She still drinks her milk 24oz a day. I know this is pretty normal just wanted to vent. Thanks for reading.


I know you just wanted to vent...but I thought I would encourage you ....I had 4 kids and my pediatrician would just tell me to keep putting their healthy food in front of them at meal time and if they don't eat...they don't eat! Children (for the most part...95% of the time) simply will NOT starve themselves. Also, my doc said, NO snacks if they don't eat their healthy regular meals.

I worked at not getting stressed when they wouldn't eat, and just trusted they wouldn't starve themselves as my doc said. And, sure enough, not one of them did! Of course, I used sense to be sure they weren't sick.

blessings to you.


Thanks Tracey!
She actually did pretty good yesterday! SHe had some oatmeal for breakfast half of a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch and some pasta for dinner and a 6oz jar of sweet potatoes with some tomatoe bites. I guess she just has her days. I just think about us and how I get hungry every 3 hours. I have to remind myself her tummy is tiny.

Cosmo Mom

That's good to hear that she's chowing down. I was thinking maybe an earache - it makes it so the kids dont want to swallow.


Going through the same thing here with my 16-month old. I'm attributing it to teething or his newfound stubbornness. ;) This is my 3rd kid, so I know "this too shall pass." You've gotten great advice so far, so can't add much, but I will say all kids go through their phases with eating. If it goes on a while, then be concerned. But if it's a passing phase, and you know your kid best, then be aware of it but don't dwell on it. Am I making sense? (maybe I should take my own advice ....)


Thank you ladies...as a Mom of a 13-month old (and child number 4) this is nice to hear. My daughter is very picky as well, and although I know she is not starving herself, I like to hear of other Mom's and babies in similar situations!


I don't have little kids anymore, but both of mine went through that anorexic stage (that is the term my pediatrician used) at about that age, all the way until they were two. Some days they ate tons, and others almost nothing. I just kept putting the good stuff in front of them. Don't worry, they won't starve. :) They will eat when they're hungry.

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