12 Week Challenge Check In - Friday!


Morning -- I think shrinking violets is good! Where is Karen? or did I miss her?

Today is officially rest! I am exhausted! I will do personals tonight after GS goes to bed!! Have a great Friday and see you later!
G'morning Violets!;) Happy Friday!:D

Kathy, I haven't noticed Karen around...she hasn't been around the Cheetah check-in either. I imagine she'll be back though...I don't think she's dumping us...Probably just busy! :) Hope you rest well...ENJOY IT!

Today will be Ripped and running on the TM.

Hope everyone has a happy Friday after a short work week!:)
Good morning all. This morning was Cardio & Weights so I feel like a wilting violet. LOL. Our group has definitely dwindled. Is this all that's left? Kathy, Karen, Heidi, Wendy, Gloria, Sunnydelite and Me(Jean). Forgive me if I forgot anyone?

Have you been thinking how you want to structure the thread after the end of this twelve weeks. What day are we ending on for this 12 weeks challegne? And after that, then what? Month to Month?

Good (almost) afternoon Ladies.:)

Jean, Hope you had fun with C&W. }( It's sad that our group shrunk down so much and for the past few days hardly anyone at all has been around. :-(

I can't do weights today. My OA is still acting up. I'll have to do them tomorrow or just as soon as I feel better.

I did, however and OFCOURSE, get my cardio in!

TM Run: 1st mile @ 5.8 mph, 2nd mile upping speed .1 every minute starting at 5.9 and ending with 6.8.

Mileage: 2.06 Time: 20.30 minutes

Then I hopped on a stair climber which I haven't been on in YEARS AND YEARS and did my 20 min IClimb work out that I normally do on the elliptical.}(

Off to grab some java!:+
Alright Wendy. I'm here. What the hec week are you on with this challenge anyway? I didn't keep posting here because I've been working out faithfully but my eating habits suck. I either don't eat much, or eat clean all week then tank the weekend. I have actually gained weight instead of losing! My measurements are smaller than when I weighed this before, but nonetheless.........

DH is leaving a week Sunday and I was going to challenge myself then for the 120 days he's gone. I guess I can still post here with you and just continue on when this challenge is over if you want to do it with me. Hopefully I'll be able to start losing weight again. I'm kind of just wandering around aimlessly if you haven't noticed. LOL.


When this challenge is over we are going to continue the check-in by a different name. Perhaps we will have mini-challenges or maybe we'll just do our own thing but continue to check-in cause we enjoy it so stick around, girl!:)

Wish your DH a safe trip and stay overseas. My thoughts will be with all of you while he is gone.
Thanks Wendy. That sounds good.

Hi Jean and Kathy! I'll be sticking around and will join in whatever you guys call this thread next. Sorry I didn't stick with you guys. You're all doing an awesome job! I look forward to posting with you all again.

Today I did RS warmup and challenge, 1/2 PH, RS challenge again, 2nd 1/2 PH, and SB challenge and stretch. That was a good one I'll tell ya.

I had some ww noodles w/some shrimp for lunch and of course coffee and water. That's it so far. See what I mean Wendy??
DH and I are going to a chuch picnic tonight to see DC's band so I'm sure there will be "eating of the CRAP" there!

good afternoon challengers!
today's workout: did IMAX3 intervals 1-5 and then proceeded to do all the step combos...about 47mins long woohoo!!!

getting ready for a garage sale tomorrow. It's gonna be a rest day and I'll pick up my rotation on sunday!

ya'll have a GREAT weekend
take care:)
I'm sorry girls. I'm still alive. I am up to date on all the posts but can't seem to get on this computer to save my life. I'm sitting here high lightening my hair. Wish me luck!!!! Man I hope it turns out. No redness please. Anyway, after the whole event with vacation bible school, it was my anniversary ,then the fourth, and this week is soccer camp which has me out of the house and to the field by 8:30 am. Then to top it all off dh has seriously been working late and is falling behind in school so I have taken up the slack and am helping research his papers for him. I actually was at the library for three hour today researching the history of blogs. Then he needed to create his own blog . The paper work in this class is endless. He leaves here at 5 in the morning and sometimes gets home at 9. Even tomorrow he is working but I told him to be home by noon to go to a birthday party with the girls and me. I am on total overload. I have still been working out but my food has been so so. I did take off of working out last week 4 days Sat Sun Mon and Tues. We went away to Hershey Park at the spur of the moment. We really needed a break from life. Well the timer is done on my hair. I'm afraid I won't be on the computer much but I will try very hard. Until dh's work lets up I'm still managing my house and workouts as well as college now. I love you all very much and I will be back to normal by Aug.


hi ladies,

well today is my rest day wooohooo!!! still got up early and cooked some healthy salmon for dinner. however what are we eating tonight..dh- is cooking hamburgers with bacon right now:9 }(

kali-i have been working out religiously. my eating habits have sucked.a month ago i was going so strong. i could actually see my muscles. now the challenge is over next week and i just can't get it togetherx( . however i didn't want to desert my girls cuz i just love y'all so much:D

karen- we missed you.

Wendy- sorry to hear you weren't feeling up to par today but at least you did manage a good workout. you are such a trouper.

kathy- how is your ctx rotation working for you?

jean- i am thinking we structure it as a daily check-in. some place we can still communicate with each other. post our workouts and offer each other encouragement! if anyone has different ideas, please share. i am down with whatever is decided.

hello to all i've missed.

p.s. where is heidi????
Wendy - I love the pics especially the 1st formal night - you look like prince and princess!

Jean - It doesn't matter to me how it is structured just so long as I get to post! We have dwindled - I hate that so many dropped out. C&W is one of my faves!

Kali - you have one of the same problems I have - the weekend but this one has to be good, my check in is Monday this week - arrrgh!!! I am glad you will be sticking with us!

Gloria - I wish I could make it by to buy something from you! I have my SIL looking for me a treadmill at garage sales in Houston but now I am not sure what to do since my house will be full soon!

Karen - glad to know you are still - understand the busy-ness - you will be in my thoughts until you can return.

Sunny - I love you guys too! Anyway, I cannot tell anything yet really except the cardio is kicking my bootie - I don't know how long it will take me to get in all 6 days of HIIT - I had no idea it would kick me like it has - 60 min plus warm up and cool down is long and I am wondering if I should just do a total body and hour Hiit on Saturday morning and then cardio all week no weights but one body part per day is probably a better idea! I feel lighter!!!

Miss you Heidi!!!!!

Little one is in bed and I am going to take my make up off - I just feel a little grimey!

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