100 Rep Challenge Question


Hey Cathe,

Just had a question about these. For the new workouts can these be done for other body part like chest and legs?

I think right now you have the bi, tri, scarecrows and hip thrust (unless I missed something somewhere)

Not even sure if it is a good idea to do this for chest and legs or any other body part I may have missed.

Just curious, thanks :)

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Why you should d0 100 rep challenges

You can do 100 rep challenges for any muscle group, but they work best for isolation exercises. Where 100 rep challenges really work best is on smaller assisting muscle groups like your rotator muscles in your shoulders or your terres major.

One of the main reasons to do 100 rep challenges is to develop neural pathways to a muscle that is normally never worked directly. Most people can easily contract their biceps, but try to contract a muscle like your terres major - you can't right? In the same way that walking back and forth on the same path in the snow makes the trail more defined and easier to follow, the same is true in developing neural pathways to a muscle. The more times you do the exercise the more defined the neural pathways to the muscle become. This is commonly called muscle memory and why we do 100 rep challenges.

You can improve neural pathways to almost any muscle group, but muscles that are less commonly used will receive the greatest benefit. Improving these smaller muscle groups is often the key to developing larger muscle groups because you're only as strong as your weakest link.

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