10# challenge for 9/30


I hope you don't mind a 'lurker' starting the the thread today...

Though I don't post often ( I generally check in late) I do try to catch up on the threads.

I just caught up on Mon and Tues and had some major deja vu...

Cindi - Thanks for posting the CIA info. I had been a 'background aerobicizer' in CIA (dark ages 1990 something) for Linda McHugh (OC instructor) and Sue Foley (instructor, tracMix) when I was in med school in Philly, since I don't teach anymore didn't know that Greg still had it going. I loaned my copy of the old video out and never was returned would be hilarious to see it now (but a bit depressing as that was likley about 50 lbs ago). I went to college with Rob Glick... boy I gotta get back in shape and the game. Actually, I think it was a Master Class in Philly that I first saw Cathe... Thanks for the memory lane...

I skipped out on workout yesterday but back on the horse this a.m. Goal is to get back on the bike to the gym tomorrow. Protein shake and vitamins for breakfast.

Debbie- Hope mom is doing well. As Elaine said, generally easier for hip than a knee, fortunately (or not) we have a bit more meat there so a bit easier to move (not so tight when swollen). My dad gets his second knee done Friday.

Happy Hump Day!

Hi all! I did Meso 2, Week 3, Back and Biceps today. Had a great workout.

My mom is ok, thanks for asking. She's in a lot of pain right now but hopefully that will subside. She isn't eating much and passed out twice yesterday. They told her this morning her blood count was low. I told her she needed to eat to get strong. I hope she listens to me.

She's always been this way with eating. She'll eat only once a day if that. Makes me mad. :mad:


Hi Amber. I remember having a CIA video from around 1990-1992. Greg was actually the instructor and he referred to his two background excercisers as 'his ladies'. I think they were wearing leapord print. TOO FUNNY!! That's so cool that you were in them - thanks for sharing!

Good job on the weight loss, too.

No workout yesterday for me - too busy.
Eating was good calorie-wise. But I did have some french fries as dinner was a mess (on the go, cobbled together, crap shoot!)

Breakfast - coffee with skim milk, strawberries, 2 hardboiled eggs, cheese stick
Snack - protein bar
Lunch - quinoa, salmon, carrots
Snack - protein bar, carrots
Dinner - shortbread cookie, some stolen fries from the kids, protein bar (yes third for the day!) and a rice cake. How's that for balanced nutrition?

Still - the scale keeps going down. I was 150.2 today (started at 155.6). Of course the eating is the big factor, but I also think cutting back my running miles and doing different workouts is helping a lot too.

Hope everyone is having a good morning.

looking good

Morning Ladies,

Sorry, no post yesterday....yesterday was like a marathon day :confused: :eek:

You guys would be proud of me for 3 days in a ROW I GOT UP AT 5:00 am to do 30 minutes of cardio!!!!!!!!! :D That is all I have time for before I have to get ready to go to work...but for me this is BIG....how I love to roll over in the morning :p then at night I do my weights so I am hoping this will help me loss the weight along with my clean eating.

B - protein pancakes
S - apple
L - huge salad with chicken
S - apple
D - chicken and veg.

If I have the sweet tooth I may have a yogurt. Trying sooooooooooo desperately to stay away from the apple pie I made over the weekend.

Debbie...hope your Mom listen to you about eating!
Cindi - good job with the weight lost ....you go girl ;)
Amber - good to see you

Have a good day ladies


Good morning ladies! I missed yesterday too. I just forgot. :eek:

Deb & Cindi are kicking our butts. LOL! I've been very good. Diet has stayed super clean & haven't missed a w/o this week. Yesterday I did legs/chest at the gym, this morning I did Kenpo X--burned about 420 cals, which surprised me. I really love the Kenpos. I know some people don't like Tony, but I think he's a cutie patootie. :)

Lost another pound, down 4 lbs now. 3 more & I'm under 120, maybe I can relax & have some pizza. I am dying for some pizza! :D I think if I make it through this w/e I'll be in great shape. :cool:

Therese, white chocolate PB helps my sweet tooth. I miss the pizza more than the chocolate, but 2-3 Tbspns after dinner help me w/the sweet cravings. My grocery store had it on sale so I bought 6. :eek::p;)


Hi everyone. I haven't had much time to post, but I'm still plugging along. I have lost 2 1/2 lbs since the start of the challenge. Sounds like most of you are doing well with the challenge. This week has been crazy with working late and not getting enough sleep to get up early to get my workouts in. I did manage to get up this morning and did the back portion of STS disc 21. Hope to squeeze in the biceps tonight. Why, oh why is it so hard to stay on track? Hopefully I can finish the week out nice and strong.



Greeetings everyone! I told ya I'm lousy with check-ins. :eek::)

Well, my weight hasn't moved an ounce. My workouts have been good. I am on a CLX kick. I love the time effeciency... now if I could just see results. I am thinking of doing a modified version of Cathe's rotation here. I got up at 6:30 this morning and worked out... wish I could become a morning person... my body resists my attempts to change its clock though.

My eating was not good last week, but I am a new woman this week. :p I've been really good since Sunday - baby steps, right? Well, except like Cindi, a few stolen fries from the kids' BK meal. I've added french fries to the list of foods from the devil. ;)

Deb, Cindi, Laura, Jean ~ Great job on the weight loss!! I am hoping my fat cells are paying attention to this.

Therese ~ WOW, 3 days in a row getting up early. Ok, you've inspired me. I can get up early tomorrow.

Amber ~ Thanks for starting the thread.


Hi everyone. I know I haven't posted but still trying the 10lb challenge. I do read to keep up though. I am down 4lbs. I am still following the Weight Watcher which I go to the meeting and use the e-tools online which really helps out a lot.

B-1 cup golean cereal with 1/2 cup fiber one cereal and lofat milk
L-got a salad from salad work with chicken, cranberries and carrots with lowfat dressing.
D-having pasta with turkey meatballs and a salad
S-had a weight watcher bar and weight watcher pizza pretzel, raw snowpeas. Will have a kashi bar later after dinner.


I'm hanging my head here in shame. Here I read how good you're all doing and then I notice those darn tickers heading to the right. Had a rough day with layoffs at work. Did so very well all day and then came home and ate and ate. I should post little things from EOE on everything in my kitchen.
Laura, yeah, but did you eat all six?

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