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I didn't create this sheet. I found it on another fitness forum I happened upon. It was made back in 2009. Someone asked her for it recently so she posted a link to it. It has the 1RM tests categorized by body part. I think it makes the process seem much more user friendly with no dread factor (unless you hate weight lifting...cant' help you there).

You can easily adapt the tests as your weight work this week and do push pull or one body part a day to get the tests knocked out by the weekend.

For those of you holding off on STS or not reaping the best possible results because the 1RM seems like too much of a hassle, give this a try. I think most of you will breeze through it.

The pdf was too big even after I split it. So, I saved it as a two part jpg to post here. Part one is here. The other one will be in the next post.

Hope it helps those on the fence to finally try that STS in its full splendor.

Fitness Friend,



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Here's Part 2

Here you go. Now work! work!



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Oh I wish this was posted earlier.
I updated my one rep max this week end.

Thanks for posting though.
This will come in handy for next rotation ;-)



This may be a stupid question, so sorry if it is, but, what is the rating column on the far left stand for? What is it rating? :eek:


This is a quote from page 104 in the STS Guide regarding the star ratings:

"Five stars means that it is highly recommended that you establish a 1RM, while one star indicates an exercise that is not as essential to establish a 1RM."

Another thing you should know is that according to SNM the 1RM won't work for the partials, i.e, 1.5's, 21's, etc. Here's the quote from SNM's reply to a post about this issue:

"One Rep Max testing only works for standard reps. Testing will not work for rep pattern movements and shouldn't be used for these exercises." Here's the thread it was on (for context): http://cathe.com/forum/f104/half-way-ups-1rm-294002/

For those you should use a weight that challenges you. I know lots of us try to use the weight that Cathe is using. That's not the model for STS but if you do that for the ones where the 1RM doesn't matter so much and the weight challenges you, great. On the other hand, if the exercise calls for 15 reps and you can barely push out 10, it's probably too heavy. If you can do the 15 reps with no problem and could actually have done more, heavy up a little.

I probably gave you more than you were asking for. Hope it helps anyway.

Fitness Friend,


PS: Trying to gain knowledge of something you don't understand by asking a question is never stupid. With all the helpful people floating around this forum, it's stupid not to ask.
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