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Good morning, ladies!!! :D
Hope everyone had a wonderful & relaxing New Year's weekend. Just thought I'd get a new thread started for this week...

Things here are going well-- dealing with some not-so-fun sciatica, mostly at night, but other than that I've been feeling really good. Thinking I might try and make prenatal yoga more of a priority & see if that helps.

I've gotta run now, but I'll try and be back to catch up on personals. Hope all is well with everyone!

Happy Monday!
Hi Brighton,
i am new to the thread! How far along are you? I am only 8 weeks but i remember having bad siactica with my first. Hopefully it gets better for you! I have been just feeling run down. I worked out yesterday and did Cardio and Weights (of all things) I was exhausted after. I was basically useless the rest of the day. I dont know if i over did it, but i have never had a problem doing that easy workout in the past. I figured i would "tone it down" since i was preggo but still felt like i over did it. I feel like i am so out of shape! it can be so discouraging. I know i my second trimester things will be better...hopefully! But at least my nausea is getting better (knock on wood)

Hi Melissa!

Welcome to the thread! Looks like it's pretty quiet here this week... hopefully we'll get a few more posts as the week goes by. :) I'm about 23 weeks along with twins. :eek: I hear you about the sciatica -- one of the babies is down really low & toward the back, so it's made it especially not-fun. :rolleyes: I didn't get it too badly with my last pregnancy, but my first pregnancy was pretty bad. (I have a little boy who's almost 5 and a little girl who's 3.) I hope it doesn't get you too bad this time around-- it's not fun!!! :(

WTG with C&W!!! :) I did that one really early on in my 1st trimester before I started getting hit with the nausea... and haven't been able to touch it since! :) I hear you about being run down-- it's so hard some days just to get from morning to evening much less get a good workout in! So I wouldn't feel bad at all about it-- I think it's awesome you were able to get through it! I'll be sending good anti-nausea vibes your way. ;) I was really sick for the first 4 months, it's just started to get better the past few weeks. I'm hoping to start getting back to the gym regularly now that the holiday madness is over. I can't do tons, but getting on the treadmill, elliptical, or doing some laps in the pool helps a lot for my sanity as well as keeping me at a semi-decent level of fitness.

Hi to the other mommies-to-be out there!!! Also, thanks Melanie & Jen for you guys' support! Lots of warm wishes to you & your little ones. :)

Well, I'd better get on with the day... I've gotta pick DD up from preschool & then try to get over to the gym before my momentum runs out for the day! ;)

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Will you spammers take a hike already! Seriously.... :mad:

Ok, back to the thread!

Brighton - I am suffering with Sciatica too. It's been there the entire time, but lately it has been getting worse. Today, I'm having a hard time walking at all because of the shooting pains. I'm going to start Yoga tonight and try to do that several times a week. If you find something that helps, I'm all ears!

Hi Melissa!!! Congrats! I'm 15 weeks along currently, so just entering the 2nd trimester. Glad your nausea is getting better. Mine was pretty much done by 9 weeks.

We scheduled my gender ultrasound today. I will get to find out on Feb. 5th. Seems sooo far away!

Hello to all the other mommies to be!
Hi Brighton, thank you so much starting a new weeks thread. I tried to start one yesterday, but didn't get to it, sorry! :confused:

I am getting so close that I have so much stuff to do, it's not even funnny plus having a 3 year old, doesn't make things easier.

As of yesterday I am 36 weeks, it's unreal, soon I will be holding my son!! :eek:

Melissa, congrats on Baby #2 and welcome to the thread. Good to hear that your nausea is getting less. Yes, being tired I remember that too in my 1st trimester and now it's coming back :(. Just take it easy, like you said it's going to be better in the 2nd trimester.

Brighton - All I do these days is a walk on the TM. I can't wait to get back into weight work and the new cardio STS!!!!

Liann - Oh, that's so exciting about your ultrasound. Won't be long and you know what you are going to have. I know I was so nervous with this one and we were sure that it was going to be another girl (my DH has 3 girls) that we were soooo surprised to find out it's a boy!

Ok, ladies, gotta get some more stuff done, but I will check back in later.

Kristine :)
Hello girls I'm also new here, I'm 5 weeks and super excited with my first one. Tonight I'll do 2 miles run. I a little sacred something wrong may happen. My husband gets worry when he sees me heading to the basement (my workout room).
Good morning, ladies! :)

Hope everyone is doing well! I had kinda a rotten night's sleep last night, so today I'll probably be taking it easy. Maybe some I'll fit some yoga in, we'll see. The babies are starting to really move around now, it's such a strange feeling compared to a singleton. I'm getting kicked from all angles simultaneously! :eek:

Amber: I hear you on the spammers... :rolleyes: But at least there's the amusement factor from the strange combination of words their English translator spits out for them. ;) I'm so sorry you're dealing with sciatica... :( I remember with my first pregnancy, one night my legs just stopped working-- it was like the nerves went haywire and my legs just went dead... my DH had to help me get to bed. :confused: Those shooting pains are no joke. The only thing that helps a *little* for me is just to make sure I don't stay in one place too long. The longer I sit or stand in one place during the day, I can almost guarantee to have some awful sciatica later in the evening. It's still there either way, but not as pronounced at least. If I find the magic pill, I'll let you know! :D Yay for scheduling the gender ultrasound!!! I know it seems at first like it will never get here, but it'll be time before you know it!

Kristine: Wow, you are so close!!!!!!!!!!!! :D Hey, getting on the TM in your last trimester with everything else you have going is awesome!!! :) I hear you on getting back to regular workouts postpartum. I can't wait. I've started getting a little restless lately as DH and some of our friends are already planning what races to train for this year. I miss being able to do that. With twins on the way, it'll be quite awhile before I have the spare time for any of that!!! ;) I'm looking forward to STS postpartum as well. How fun to have a little boy after DH's 3 girls!!! My DS (4) is such an affectionate little Mommy's boy. I love it!!! :)

Giovanna: Welcome to the thread! Congrats on being 5 weeks along! Have you been able to see your doctor yet? When I was in my early first trimester I was able to run with no problems-- I just had to be super careful not to exert myself too much. If my heartrate got too high or I went too long, I always knew it-- I just didn't feel right. So, I'd just listen to your body and if it tells you to ease off, don't feel bad about it.

Have a wonderful day, everyone!!! Tomorrow is Friday!!! :D
Welcome Giovanna!!! Just don't overdue it and you'll be fine with your 2 mile run. :) You'll know if you're getting too winded. You can always walk a little too if you feel that heart rate getting too high. I was so nauseous throughout the majority of my first tri, that running was not in the cards. ;)

Brighton - Lol at you getting punched from all angles. Sounds like they are tag teaming you! I broke down and went to the chiropractor last night for the sciatica problem. They had a massage therapist work on it for a while before going in with the chiro and boy is my bootie black and blue today! Ouch! No more massaging that area. ;)

Kristine - You are on the home stretch!!! :) It must feel good to finally be so close. I can only imagine at this point. ;)

Hope everyone is having a good week!
Thanks girls, I did run 2.6 miles with no problem, well it was not running, it was jogging. but I did nothing yesterday or today. I have an appointment for this coming tuesday. It was suppost to be my annual check up with the infertily doctor. I really taking it easy with the excersise. I'm so afraid to loose my little one.

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