standing abs

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    Cathe's Standing Abs 2: Core Plus Floor!

    This clip is from Standing Abs 2: Core Plus Floor! This is one of the four ab routines included in the STS 2.0 Program! In this routine, you’ll use a 10lb barbell plate (or dumbbell) along with sliding devices to challenge the entire core with both standing and floor exercises! *Pre-Order...
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    Cathe STS Muscle & Recovery Bonus Standing Abs

    Pictured here you see Cathe, Kristin, and Jenn D doing Cathe’s new Standing Metabolic Core routine. Standing ab exercises are great for working the muscles of your ENTIRE core…. your abs, your back, and your hips! These functional compound core moves will not only strengthen your core section...
  3. nckfitheart2009

    Upcoming project --- Abs/Core

    Hi Cathe, I do not have any question as such.:):) I just wanted to thank you so much about these article of yours below. I do have a suggestion though!:);)