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    Video Clip Of Cathe's STS 2.0 Giant Sets

    Surprise!!! We were able to get our first video clip from the STS 2.0 series finished earlier than we thought. Drum roll...Enjoy this video clip from STS 2.0 Giant Sets! *Pre-Order Cathe's New STS 2.0: Muscle & Recovery Workout Program Now At: and Get Free Worldwide Shipping!
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    STS Giant Sets Keeps Things Moving!

    STS Phase 1 will challenge you even further with an advanced Giant Sets technique. In STS Giant Sets you'll perform 10 exercises back-to-back with very little rest. No muscle groups are untouched in each sweat-packed round. The metabolic demand on your body will continue to increase as we move...
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    Cathe's STS Muscle & Recovery Is All About Heavy Weights

    This pic from STS Giant Sets shows Cathe, Kristin & Al working hard during this total body workout. STS Muscle & Recovery offers a variety of strength training and muscle recovery workouts on 15 DVDs, including 3 total body workouts: Giant Sets, Supersets, and Trisets.
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    STS Muscle & Recovery - First Pic!

    The story begins...This is just the first of many pics from the filming of STS Muscle & Recovery that we will be releasing over the next several weeks. In this pic, Cathe is doing a barbell hip thrust with 65 lbs in STS Giant Sets. This is one of three total body workouts that will be featured...
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    Video Clip of Cathe's Total Body Giant Sets #2 Live Workout

    Attention Cathe Live subscribers: Thursday Sept 6th, 2018 at 9:15 am EST we’ll be doing "Total Body Giant Sets #2". This nonstop total body work out will be performed in various grouped upper body sets, various grouped lower lower body sets and finish with a giant core set. Each group of...
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    Video Clip of Strong & Sweaty Total Body Giant Sets

    Total Body Giant Sets– Keeping with the theme of all of our Strong & Sweaty workouts Giant Sets keeps things moving with very little rest between exercises. This workout will utilize giant sets to fatigue every muscle group while rep pattern and weight variations keep your heart pumping and...
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    Total Body Giant Sets Premixes

    Basic Premix WarmUp + Round 1 + Round 2 + Round 3 + Round 4 + Round 5 + Round 6 + Bonus Abs +Stretch Time 63:54 Timesaver Premixes Timesaver#1 (Lower Body Only): Warm Up + Round 1 + Round 3 + Round 5 + Stretch Time 30:59 Timesaver#2 (Upper Body Only): Warm Up +Round 2 + Round 4 +...
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    Strong & Sweaty Giant Sets Time

    This is a pic from Strong & Sweaty Giant Sets. We've now completed the editing of this workout and the total time of this video is 50:42. *You can pre-order Strong and Sweaty and Cycle Sweat or learn more at:
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    Video Clip of Cathe's Total Body Giant Sets

    This video clip is from Cathe's Thursday, June 30th at 9:15am EST,"Total Body Giant Sets" Live workout and is our 108th Cathe Live production. Pick up your weights and lets get busy! Do a giant set of about three to four exercises for upper body, briefly rest & repeat those same exercises. The...