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    STS 2.0 Update

    Debinmi, that was so nice of you to post this. Thank you! Loved viewing it and see how much work goes into creating these workouts. So, you know that with STS 2.0 it's going to be great and it's definitely worth the wait - it's coming. Whatever Cathe creates, it's always great!!
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    Happy Birthday Cathe!

    Happy Birthday Cathe (you are the best!). Thank you for sharing your passion for fitness!!
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    STS 2.0 Update

    Cathe, take all the time you need - it will be worth the wait (all of your workouts are super!). I know we are anxious for this new series but we also want you to take your time due to what you just described with so much planning, etc. Thank you!!!!:)
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    Cathe ... time for an update please!?

    Lady Vol Fan: Oh my goodness, the ears, I love it, very funny!
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    Summer 2022 12-Week Undulating Rotation

    Thank you so much Kellyro, this is extremely awesome. Definitely will be doing this one for July, August and September. Love it!!
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    PHA2 vs PHA3

    Hi ashaw, I also love, love all of the PHAs because, like you said, you get weight training and a good cardio workout all at the same time. When I do any of those PHAs, my calorie burn is really high, so I am sure you are getting a great calorie burn too.
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    Favorite workout shoes

    Hi rhbrand, I totally agree with you. I purchased the Hoka Tivra also and yes, they were very nice, but expensive. I've used Ryka for a long time and decided to continue to use them because they were just as comfortable as the Hokas. I think I purcahsed the Hoka for a "Pandemic Treat" I...
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    About My New Workout Series

    Hi Amy, I am also sorry about your recent diagnosis. But, I agree 100% with Braille!! I truly believe your workouts with Cathe and others has prevented this from happening to you even sooner. Also, with that diagnosis it really doesn't mean you need to stop, in fact, I encourage you to...
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    About My New Workout Series

    Tralaiven, yes, I agree it's been a long time but remember when Cathe delivers, what she delivers is always good. So it's worth the wait so she can perfect it and make her announcement. We know that it's coming since she announced it. But I'm with you on this one and I'm sure if Cathe is...
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    How Many Had COVID?

    Braille, this is just beautifully said, wow, I loved reading your answer to Firemedic (I hope she stays). Thank you for posting this, it actually was very empowering for me (we need that these days for those online bullies). Thank you again!!
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    How Many Had COVID?

    Oh no firemedic, so sorry to hear that. I agree with you, getting vaccinated or not is a personal decision and no ones knows the reasons a person decides not to get vaccinated or to get vaccinated. Well, I wish you would stay and not let that 1 person deny you the helpful information you have...
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    April 2022 Rotation

    Yikes, looks good! Thanks Cathe!!!
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    How Many Had COVID?

    Kellyro77, I do the same things as you do to prevent from getting Covid. Some people don't take these precautions and never get sick, maybe their immunity system is very strong, so that's great for them, I wish I had a stronger immune system. Whatever the case, I am also going to continue with...
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    Cathe newsletter

    The ads for Cathe products really don't bother me at all - I just scroll through them and I'm good.
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    STS and dumbbells

    I did the whole program with only dumbbells. Like Debinmi mentioned I also have the gloves for adding incremental weight loads which helped. Regardless, it is an awesome program and I think you will be fine with just dumbbells.