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    Tabatacise & All-Out (Xtrain)

    I love the repetitions in Afterburn and it's on the second set where I really get my butt kicked. But I do love that there is a premix available that goes through all drills ONE time with no repeats when I am short on time. So, in the new vids if drills were repeated but offered a single...
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    More Low Impact please!!

    High intensity low impact wos like afterburn please :)
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    Commit to get fit & lean for Feb 27 - March 4, 2012

    Hi Everyone, Was thinking about the upcoming RT today, which of course made me think of last year's trip and all of you. Hope you all are doing well! This winter is just flying by! Nothing much new going on here, except I'm attempting a 'bulk' to help put on muscle. Not too sure how the...
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    Commit to get fit & lean for Feb 1, 2012

    Had to pop in to say....I'm going :). Ok, back to meeting!
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    Commit to get fit and lean for Jan 18, 2012

    Good morning everyone! I can't even remember the last time I posted. For new years I made a resolution that I would be back on my favorite check-in....18 days later, I finally made it:p Hope you all had wonderful holidays and are happy & healthy. I've missed those of you I don't see on MFP...
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    Commit to get fit & lean for Nov 4, 2011

    WTG Belinda on completing M2!! I have one wo left in M1 (legs) but I did something to my hip/glute last night. If it doesn't pass in the next day or two, I'll just start my recovery week and take it easy. I'm with you on making it a clean eating far so good;) Cookie - Halloween was...
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    Commit to get fit & lean for Nov 4, 2011

    Morning ladies, I'm on the late train today. Didn't have it in me to rush today:confused: I got into the girl's candy last night so did AB Bonus Burn Premix. I think that is 3rd time I've worked out at night this year! It wasn't so bad. This morning's wo was D11 + iClimb15. Need to get in...
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    Commit to get fit & lean for Nov 3, 2011

    Hi Everyone, It has been a long week. We finally got our power back last night. We were all so happy, you would have thought we had won the lottery or something. I managed to get in a couple of wos from the new series in the dark:eek: and I have to say I am loving it. I am getting used to the...
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    Premix Chapters on new Workouts

    Ok, make that the best news I've heard this to shipment of the new series, of course!!!
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    Premix Chapters on new Workouts

    Woohoo!! This is the best news I've heard all week. Any chance premixes will be posted for all downloads??
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    Commit to get fit & lean for Oct 27,2011

    Morning chicas, We have a couple of rainy days ahead of us in my neck of the woods. As much as I don't like rain, I'm so thankful it's not snow! I wonder if there's any chance it will hold off til after Christmas:confused: My wo this morning was 40/20 on the elliptical + 30 mins of steady...
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    Morning ladies, No wo for me today, just a nice walk to work. I am in week 3 of M1 and I'm getting so itchy to take a break to do the new wos. So far I've only done one:confused:, but am hoping to squeeze in two over the weekend. I can't wait to see what Cathe comes up with for the rotation...
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    Quick pop in. My little one is pukey this morning so another hookey day from theater. I have a feeling we may be giving it up all together. Being home on a Saturday feels sooooooooo goooooood!! LOL! This morning I did SB + SJP ab work (my abs were fried!!). Been downloading low impact...
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    It's the where are the downloads?

    That was the problem! Downloading has begun:eek:!! Thanks!
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    It's the where are the downloads?

    I tried adding the downloads to my cart and entering my download coupon code in the 'discount' coupon code but it says it is invalid. Am I doing something wrong?