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    Cathe Live App

    Hello Candice, can you email customer service with this issue so they can look at your subscription? They will need the last name or email address the subscription is under. Thank you.
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    Rotation Issue

    Hello Nicki, I am not sure if you are still having issues but I did try this on my end and it did work correctly. I would be sure to check your start date as that can cause an issue like this if it is not correct. Thank you.
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    Chapter issue with Fit Split Push Day

    Hello, I just tried it on my end and while I was having the same issue as you did with the Push Day on the Firestick, the Metabolic Total Body was working fine for me. I would try clearing the Cache and Data again and then unplug the device for a minute. This may fix the Metabolic issue you were...
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    Sold Out Downloads???

    Hello jengollf, the issue with the Breathless Upper Body workout showing "Sold Out" is now fixed. Thank you for letting us know.
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    Firestick issues with Live

    I looked in to the logging out issue and found that the first time you go to the settings page, you will be on the logout key but if you scroll off it at any time, you can no longer get back to it. I already emailed the developer about this issue and he is looking into it. In the meantime, if...
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    Chapter problems with Firestick

    Hello, I just tried this on my end and it was working fine. I would suggest clearing the app cache and data. To do this go to settings, Apps, Manage Installed Apps, then click on the Cathe on Demand app and select Clear Cache and Clear Data. Then unplug the Firestick and try again in a minute.
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    No stats again

    I'm seeing the stats on my end. Are you not seeing them for the month and also for the year?
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    STS PDF printing issues

    I think we have fixed this now. Please try again. Also, I had to edit you post so as to eliminate the error message which contains file structure info which could be used by hackers
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    Forums Closing at 9pm EST - Tonight

    We will be shutting down our forums and Workout Manager tonight at around 9pm eastern to begin the migration process to the new forum software. This will take at least several hours and perhaps most of the night to complete. This is a very complex move and there are bound to be issues that we...
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    Greatest hit?

    Workout Blender Online The download version of the Workout Blender will stay the same as it is not easy to to change. The online version of the Workout Blender is a lot easier to develop and doesn't suffer from many of the problems that the desktop version does.
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    Greatest hit?

    Greatest Hits 2 Perhaps in the future we may do another Greatest Hits DVD, but not this time. However in just a month or two you will be able to create your own mixes online, including the one you mentioned, if you're an OnDemand subscriber.
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    Our 22nd Cathe Live Production is Now Up.

    Both the high and low quality videos from today's Total Body Reps class are now available for viewing for all Cathe Live and OnDemand subscribers. Cathe Live Stream | Cathe Video Streaming
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    Our New Forum Software

    Just letting everyone know that we're probably just a few days away from migrating to our new forum software. We're hoping to do this Saturday evening, but it will depend on how things go. Once we start to transfer the data to the new forums we will have to close our existing forums. Hard to...
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    Ripped w/HiiT cast members?

    Ripped with HiiT Updates start Sep 30th for Ripped With HiiT, That's when we will start releasing the details of the workouts like this.
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    Cathe Live Playlist

    Cathe Live Music Link Here is a direct link to where you can purchase most of the music we use on Cathe Live: CATHE FRIEDRICH and Fit Beat Music | Weekly music mixes