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    intermediate/low advanced rotation

    I could use some advice on how to put together a intermediate/low advanced Cathe rotation. I also posted this on ask Cathe. I have a pretty decent amount of Cathe videos, but always struggle to put a rotaion together. I have taken a look at the rotations that have been listed on the website...
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    intermediate/low advanced rotation

    Hi Cathe, I have been using your videos for about a year now and I love your workouts. I have seen so much progress in this year. I have been going over the rotations that are listed and wondering if there are any intermedite/low advnce rotations. If not what would be your reccommendation...
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    Fitnessfreak's January Rotation for January 8, 2009

    rotation Where can I find the orginal post for the rotation? I am interested in doing a new Cathe rotation.
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    FYI- Index of Cathe Rotations Updated through July 2007

    What am I doing wrong? I clicked on the link, but it just brought me back to the main forum page. What am I doing wrong?