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    Thanks Jane! I will check that out!
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    Thanks for the information, Traildoggie, I will look into WW and see if that helps.
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    Traildoggie, thanks for the feedback, I am sure my diet can use some tweaking however, I have made a lot of changes. I eat better than I have in a long time. I eat balanced meals and snacks. I don't drink any soda. Only water or unsweet tea and a small glass of milk with meals. However, my...
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    Thanks so much for the words of encouragement and advice!! I am grateful to be able to reach out to the community for support. It gets lonely at times on this journey when you are not always sure sometimes you are on the right path. I haven't given up. I still keep working at it. I enjoy...
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    Hazlady: I have given up on the scale a long time ago. I got rid of them when I did those nutrition classes LOL. I just frustrated that my doctor pushes the number on the scale as the most important thing when I don't feel that is the case. I have definitely lost inches and I feel so much...
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    Jane Power-Grimm! Thank you! I appreciate your feedback. My blood pressure is in check and waiting on blood test results to know about the rest. I do feel better, and sleep much better than I have in a long time. I just don't want to have to completely sacrifice the foods that I enjoy. I want...
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    Thanks so much for the feedback and the article. It just gets discouraging at times. I will keep at it and see what happens.
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    I am 46 years old and weight 265lbs and have started back over 8 months ago doing Cathe workouts 5 days per week. I went to the doctor last week and I have not lost one pound on the scale since I was there 6 months ago. I know have I have lost inches because I have been able to size down one...
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    Video Clip From Cathe's Perfect HiiT High Impact Workout

    I love all the modification suggestions. I will definitely try them
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    Video Clip of Cathe's Cardio Crush Live Workout

    Looking forward to the challenge! Thanks Cathe!
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    Anyone from the Denver Area?

    I moved here about 4 in a half years ago. Not sure where you are moving from but I moved here from Mississippi and the housing is quite expensive out here. Be aware of sticker shock. I live on the Northeast side of town and like it very much there. I think it may depend on where you work...
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    Getting Out of the Rut - Thursday

    I am here! It has been so crazy at work the past few days and we have had some issues surface with the kids this past weekend. It has been hard. I have been sticking to the workouts very well. My eating on the other hand has been so good. I have eaten out a lot and just not making good...
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    Getting Out of the Rut - Friday

    Today was a major cheat day for me. I ate out all day long. It was my b-day. The weather was ultra nasty, pouring rain/snow mix and cold temperatures all day today. We have 1-3 inches of snow coming tonight! But I did manage to squeeze in a workout, did upper body split from cross train...
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    Getting out of the rut - Thursday

    It was late yesterday when I finished Butts and Guts but I did the whole thing. Let me tell you I am feelin' it!!! I substituted 10lb weights instead of the 5lbs she used. Sitting down is a little rough today. I ended up having to take one of the kids to the doctor yesterday and so I...
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    Getting Out of the Rut - Wednesday

    I plan on doing Butts and Guts this afternoon. That is one of my very favorite workouts. So I am really looking forward to that this afternoon. I could tell such a huge difference in myself getting my workout in yesterday but not doing one on Monday. And I belive my endurance is getting...