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    Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for 3/1

    Hi ladies, Thanks for the input on the Low Impact Series, seriously eyeing that one up. Still doing a lot of Kelley. My son is doing a speed school at a local gym three nights a week, so I've joined because it seems weird to sit around in a gym. LOL! So in addition to my six days at home I do...
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    Hard Core Fitness Maniacs for Sun Feb 26

    Hey Everyone, What are your thoughts on the Low Impact Series?
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    Hard Core Fitness Maniacs for Mon Dec 5

    Hey, I'm here. Sorry, haven't stopped in for a few days. I feel like I am busy all the time any more. Anyway, I did KCM Total Body Weights Premix. Don't know if it's all of Kelley's crazy exercises but I some definition in my arms that I haven't had before.
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    Hard Core Fitness Maniacs for Tues Nov. 29

    Did KCM Kickboxing this morning. Anyone wear more than 1# weights for kickboxing? Yesterday was KCM Powersculpt.
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    Hard Core Fitness Maniacs for Wed Nov 23

    Hi Debbie and Diane Sue, I've missed you guys. Sorry, guess I got lost for a little while. :o I'd like to come back if you'll let me. This morning was KCM Circuit Training.
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    Hard Core Fitness Maniacs for Tues Nov. 22

    Hi Everyone, Been thinking about you all lately. Hope all is well. I've seem to become addicted to Kathy Coffey Meyer. Still a long way from what I was lifting before surgery.
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    Hard Core Fitness Maniacs for Fri.11-18-11

    Hey ladies, Just wanted to stop in and say "hi". I've been thinking about all of you lately and what you have been up to. I really haven't been following Cathe at all. Feel like I have a lot of catching up to do.
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    Hard Core Fitness Maniacs for Mon April 18

    Hey Maniacs, Long time. Sorry I've disappeared, but I guess since my surgery I haven't felt much like a maniac. The ache is gone, but lifting still causes quite a bit of pain. Can't do much more than 10 for shoulders and 25 for back, and that's even tough. Need to take a break from lifting...
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    Hey, I've been trying to take it easy like you all recommended, just some Leslie Sansone walking workouts (never thought Id say that:p). But now I haven't been sleeping well. It it so hard to go from being extremely active to sitting around a lot. Anyway I bumped it up a notch today and did...
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    Debbie - You know I thought about resting, but without my even asking my Dr. said I could do all that stuff, so knowing I can it's so hard not too. Especially after doing that walking workout yesterday I slept great for the first time since the surgery. DianeSue - I'll have to look into that...
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    Okay Maniacs, I need help. Stitches are out and all I had was a tear in the rotator cuff interval which was stitched. I have been cleared for cardio on a stationary bike (blech!), leg workouts (but I can't hold a weight) and working the left side of my upper body.:p What in the world do I do...
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    Hey I am here. Actually feeling pretty good. Just take pain meds at night. Weird not being able to lift my arm. Had PT on Wed. & today. See doc on Mon. to have stitches out and find out what all they did.
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    hey everyone. excuse me if i don't use caps.:p surgery seems to have gone well, in it was all arthroscopic. haven't spoken to the dr yet so don't know exactly how bad it was. feeling good right now because arm is completely numb. it's ds is refilling my cryo cuff and dd insisted on...
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    Hardcore Fitness Maniac Hotties for 9/16

    Hey Ladies, I have literally been going non-stop today. Did my workout, KCM Bootcamp Cardio Premix, kids off to school, right to grocery shopping, then meeting at church, then gymnastics, then right from there to the boardwalk for some family fun. Just now getting home. Thanks for all the...
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    Thanks, Cheryl. Debbie - As much as I am dreaded the break I am looking forward to it. Because with my shoulder, the numbness in my left leg AND a couple of days ago the achilles tendon in my right foot started hurting, I feel I NEED the rest. Just a tough way to get it, I'd much rather go to...