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    Low max

    Low Max is also one of my favorites. Cathe does teach the combos in layers and you repeat a segment in the combo before moving to another segment before putting them all together - she doesn't throw the sequences at you at once (except for the "blasts" - but those are not combos IMHO). If you...
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    Rest week

    I'm just finishing up my first phase (meso 1) of STS this week. Next week is an active recovery week. The plan thus far (this may change as I get into it): Monday: 4 Day Split Low Intensity Step & High Intensity Step Premix & Core Tuesday: 4 Day Split Bootcamp & Kickbox Premix Wednesday: LITE...
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    Newbie need help!

    For weight loss, it all starts in the kitchen. Diet is about 75% of the effort when it comes to weight loss - moderate calorie deficit (no extremes). Focus on lean sources of protein, lots of veggies, whole grains, no processed foods, no added sugars, and limit booze. For workouts, metabolic...