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    December Pregnancy Update!

    Enjoy these last few weeks! Hi Cathe - My baby, Noah, is three months old now and I can remember counting the days until my due date! I know that sore ribs feeling - very uncomfortable, I know! But I actually missed being pregnant after I had Noah. I know it sounds strange but I really...
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    Exercise after Cesearan

    Hi! I'm scheduled to have a Cesearan this Friday. I really want to start working out again as soon as possible. How long do I have to wait after having the baby?
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    Exercises to change baby's position?

    External Version? What exactly is an external version? Is that when the doctor manuelly tries to move the baby? For anyone that has experienced this, is it terribly painful? My ultrasound tech said this could be an option for me. She also said that by 32 weeks the baby is usually in the...
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    Exercises to change baby's position?

    Hello. I am almost in my 35th week of pregnancy and last week I had an ultrasound and found that my baby is lying in the transverse (sideways) position. I was wondering if you know of any exercises or stretches that could help to move my baby into the right position? I've heard crawling around...