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    Back to Cathe after 6 years off (and several setbacks)- warning, LONG but hopefully worth a read

    What a great story, glad your doctors kept at it and you had the colonoscopy. I was 50 with my first one and they found 4 polyps, would have been cancerous but they got them out. had to go back three years later and nothing found, so now I am on the five year plan. Breast cancer runs heavy...
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    Boss Loops Glutes & Corr A+++

    I did a leg workout but wanted just a little more so did the first few chapters for the standing portion. ending with the lunge sequence. My hips/butt/thutt area was feeling it. I also had my bands right above the knees instead of higher on the thigh like Cathe had them. I am planning on...
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    Video Clip Of Cathe's Boss Loops

    Thanks for asking this Lisa. I had asked somewhere the same question but never seen an answer. This is good to know.
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    Free shipping not offered for pre-orders?

    There isn't free shipping on pre-orders as the bands are too expensive to ship. Everyone is paying shipping if you do the combo (DVDs/bands). Hope this helps.
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    I am there with the rest of you. DVDs for me. I do stream some but my WiFi has been known to be unreliable and DVDs seem to be the reliable source. Thanks Cathe for continuing to make DVDs.
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    Perfect30 Perfect HIIT Low Impact

    I did this workout saturday and enjoyed it. I wasn't sure about and and really didn't think I would like the HIIT cardio but the low impact was perfect. I felt my legs a little but that could also be due to the walk/run I did afterwards. good soreness. I will be adding this one in my routine.
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    Perfect Flow Mobility Basics

    I am really looking forward to this one and those mobility moves are great. I have done them with other instructors as I have been doing mobility workouts for a little while. They all feel so great.
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    Lower Body+LB Bonus+Ext Stretch+Core Review

    Thanks for the review. Makes me more excited for the lower body since there are no repeats. Just what I like.
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    Perfect30 DVD Shipping Alert!!!

    My tracking says Monday. Bummer wanted to check them out this weekend. I can only hope they get here faster but I guess I will see them Monday.
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    Which Perfect 30 workout will you do first?

    Probably not back to back as I only have 30-40 minutes to work out in the morning. So I would do lower body in the morning and mobility later in the day/evening.
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    Shipping Week !

    I finally got mine today. oohh, can't wait now, if they ship Wednesday, can I hope they get here by the weekend, but I doubt it, I will look for them next week.
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    Egg weights

    Love mine. I have the 3pound and 4pound sets. They do up the intensity. I can only use the 4 pound set if punches are not real fast as they seem so much heaving than the 3 pound set. I need to incorporate them in other workouts but they just seem perfect for the boxing/kickboxing workouts.
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    Which Perfect 30 workout will you do first?

    Lower Body and mobility.
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    Perfect30 Update - 10-15-20

    No email for me, but I do have my receipt of my order so I am not too worried. I am trying to think on how to incorporate them into my rotation.
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    Shipping Week !

    Hope they are on time still. I haven't gotten any email about my shipping notice like others have. so hopefully mine has been printed. fingers crossed also, hoping to incorporate them in my rotation soon.