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    Merry Christmas, Cathe!

    Yes and hope Santa brings everything y'all wished for!
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    Hugs & Prayers to Newton CT

    I read about it on FB yesterday, heard about on Sports Talk, came home and watched the news. Finally I had to get off FB and watch football. My prayers and thoughts with everyone in Ct.
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    Have you ever had an ovarian cyst?

    I knew about the soy but not about the carrots and yams. I eat baby carrots at least 2x a week riding to work. I really don't drink milk unless it is cheese or ice cream. Thanks for the info!
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    Have you ever had an ovarian cyst?

    I found out that I have cysts on my left ovary after I had a MicroAbalation done...and need a hysteromry (sp?). I also have cysts in my boobs. They hurt like crazy too.
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    Prayers for your dad and family

    sending good vibes, prayers and cyber hugs your way>>>>>>>>>
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    Progress on the Body Builder Rotation you gave me.

    congrats! And awesomeness!!
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    Fifty Shades

    Finished the 1st book, my friend is sending me the rest. Not to be a Debbie Downer...but I hated it. I wanted to slap Christian for being so such a manupliative aztechole.
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    Book vs. Nook

    Call me ole fashion...but I prefer books and libraries!!
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    Suthunuhs! Sho Nuff!

    Being born and raised in the south....yep that 'bout sums it up! Speakin' of bein' a Duck Dynasty!!!
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    Help, my body has shifted...menopause?

    I am so there w/y'all, doesn't help I am under stress which adds to my waist line...thank goodness I get compliments on my legs ;)....does anyone have sore boobs at this time of their lives?
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    A huffin puffin update

    oh boy ;) I betta start savin' money to get stock in Wheaties!!!
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    Does anyone have Brazillian Butt Lift? If so, what did you think? Results?

    I enjoyed it but I also added leg presses to it, felt the leg presses were missing from the overall workout (love/hate relationship w/leg presses!). His weight section I enjoyed alot.
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    Does anyone workout in a fitness skort?

    OH I love my skorts!!! I have them in various lengths....p/u most of them at my local Thrift shop or garage sale. I can also workout then go to work in them. Plus it is so hot in SC....easier and cooler to wear!
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    Am I just getting old?

    I am so there with y'all...I am also 48! Thanks for all the great posts!!
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    Leah Sarago

    I haven't done her periodization but her 1 week rotation. I sub some of her workouts, I am having issues w/my shoulders and planks in her upper body kills me. I incorporated Barre workouts and cardio with decent results.