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    Turbo Rack I'm hoping to start my STS rotation the beginning of January. About a year ago there was talk of a new Turbo Bar being introduced. Is this still in the works? I really want to be able to do the pull up/chin up exercises as well. My bands don't seem to have the ball on them to...
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    Who's in for Chicago?

    I'm in. This is my 1st time too. Can I do it? I'm so excited! Anyone else from Colo. out there?
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    video & dvd rotations

    never mind I found them!
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    video & dvd rotations

    Can anyone tell me where I can find Feb. and Mar. '06 rotations? Forgot to print them. Thanks
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    Moves you don't look graceful doing

    O.K. I'm pretty new to this forum thing but I have been doing many Cathe videos for several years. I just clicked on this topic and actually had the best laugh I've had in years!! All by myself!! With tears rolling down!! I didn't know this forum could be so funny! Anyway I agree with most...
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    GS Legs/March Rotation

    Can anyone tell me how GS legs and glutes compares with the 3 sets of leg presses in muscle endurance. Those really wear me out cardiovascularily. I get through them fine but am breathing very hard!!
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    Monthly Rotations

    O.K. this is my first posting but I've been a Cathe groupie for 2 years now. I read the forums but have never been brave enough to post. I've never done a monthly rotation and wanted to do it for March but found I didn't have many of the dvds. Do these monthly rotations come out early enough to...