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    Best Cathe Strength Videos?

    If you're looking for muscle splits: --XTrain is great for UB strength gains (not so much for legs, IMO, those workouts are more cardio and high reps. Still great workouts, just not heavy weights). --Gym Styles is a solid program for UB and LB. --Pure Strength and Slow & Heavy are both older...
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    October 15, 2020

    I can't say it enough, I love these slower paced, more controlled heavy weight Lives. Keep them coming! :cool:
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    Getting SOOO excited for the new workouts!

    Reminds me a lot of the versatility of the 4DS premixes. Definitely a total package!
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    Getting SOOO excited for the new workouts!

    So excited as well. I wasn't going to preorder but the video clips blew me away. We all deserve the endorphins from Perfect30 after living through 2020, lol!
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    Amenorrhea Recovery

    @RubySue78 , if you have the resources available, it's a good idea to get blood tests to see where your hormones are at. You might think it's one thing, but it could actually be something else (speaking from personal experience). Irregular or absence of cycles can happen for many reasons and it...
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    Video Clip From Cathe's Perfect HiiT High Impact Workout

    @bayerngirl , can you please explain how you modify moves like squat thrusts and burpees on the rebounder? I'm curious!
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    Video Clip of Cathe's Perfect Pump Lower Body Workout

    Thanks for the answer! I gotta preorder now, this is what I was hoping for! :D
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    March 19, 2020

    Such fun! This one is a favorite. Really enjoyed the grouping of 3 LB then 3 cardio then 3 UB. It felt different from the norm, and was much appreciated.
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    Video Clip of Cathe's Perfect Pump Lower Body Workout

    Just curious about the dumbbell weight range used here, really only the lowest weight and the highest weight. Yes, I know to use weights that work for me but knowing Cathe's weight range gives me a gauge for what I need, which is sometimes up and sometimes down. On the fence about...
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    Video Clip From Cathe's PHA Supersets Live Workout

    What always kills me is how you make push-ups with perfect alignment look so easy. I've thought this for years, going back to GS Chest and those millions of drop set push-ups! Don't get me started on the Elmo push-ups from STS Meso 1, lol. This workout looks great. Excited to do it next week...
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    Video Clip of Cathe's Push Pull Total Body: Heavy Weight Live Workout

    LOVED the pacing and set up for this workout. I was able to go heavier and it felt great. This was a great alternative to bootcamp and metabolic routines. Thank you, Cathe!
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    I'm a big fan of Further Foods Collagen, which I buy from Costco. It seems well sourced, high quality. The price is great and the chocolate flavor is delicious. I don't have an amazing before/after testimonial for collagen, but there is research that supports supplementation, and I figure I may...
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    Video Clip of Cathe's Cardio Muscle Confusion Live Workout

    Cathe, we have loved "you, yourself, and you" workouts! Thanks for being so consistent with us throughout this situation. Also, this has nothing to do with nothing, but your nails look particularly fancy in this workout!
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    June 18, 2020

    Muscle splits for Cathe Live??!! YES!!! Dreams do come true :)