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    In loving memory of Chris Clarke

    I met him briefly on the 2009 roadtrip and he seemed like such a nice person. I am really sorry to see this! :-(
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    Tennis Shoes

    Adidas Barricade Hi! I am a fairly avid tennis player and my daughters both played tennis all the way through high school. Of course, shoes are personal preference but we all really like the Barricade shoes by Adidas. They are great for stabilizing your foot and last through a lot of wear...
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    Cardio Coach V8 - Whoa

    This thread caught my attention as CC Vol 8 is one of those workouts that I've owned for a while but I keep avoiding it because I'm scared of it! I feel like such a wimp saying that. Lol... I guess I just need to go for it. :-)
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    Michael Jackson -- Cardiac Arrest

    My point which I didn't clarify well enough is the comments where he settled out of court does not mean he was guilty. And yes he was acquitted the second time. Thank you for pointing that out.
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    Michael Jackson -- Cardiac Arrest

    I usually don't post dissenting opinions but I have to disagree with those who have posted that MJ must be guilty because he agreed to settle out of court. I do not see how he could ever have gotten a fair trial. He was already convicted in the court of public opinion and the media made such a...
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    Kari, You are thinking through your situation and deciding what is best for you which is always a good thing! As I look back at my situation, my doctor was too quick to put me on medication and I was too quick to just blindly take it without investigating other avenues. I wish you the best of...
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    Do You Remember Your 1st Cathe Workout?

    My first Cathe video was Mega Step Blast. I found Cathe through reading reviews on VF which intrigued me so much that I ordered all her available videos at the time from Collage which in addition to Mega Step Blast included Step Jam, Step Max, Power Max and Step Fit. I remember being scared of...
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    What type of NB shoes do you wear for step and plyo???

    It looks like you might have found some shoes you like but if for some reason you don't like what you got, I have been using the New Balance 602's for step and plyometric type workouts. These are quite possibly the best shoes I've ever had for high impact workouts and I've tried a ton of...
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    I thought I would jump in to comment about anti-depressants and my recent experience. Last summer I was feeling really down, irritable, anxious, you name it. I was definitely depressed. My doctor put me on Cymbalta which worked wonderfully to lift my mood and helped me get through a major...
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    Old Timer check-in

    I think I might be an old-timer too... I went on the VF-sponsored Cathe trips in 1999 and posted on the boards back then. Not a whole lot though.. I've always been more of a lurker and occasional poster.. as evidenced by my post count! I haven't even hit 100 yet! Lol...
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    What's your fashion weakness?

    Handbags.... It is unusual for me to get out of a store without having checked out the handbag section. I don't leave store websites without having checked out the handbag selection. I browse eBay regularly for deals on my favorite designers. I joined Avelle (Bag Borrow or Steal) to feed my...
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    Lurkers are very interesting people...

    I mainly lurk and have posted some... not enough though. My big thing is I will start to write a post then get writer's block. At times, I'm not sure exactly how I want to express what I'm trying to say. I also tend to obsess about what I write; how it sounds, is it conveying the right...
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    Hey all you crocheter's!

    I had a pattern for a crocheted top I downloaded off of Knitting Daily which confounded me to no end so I feel your frustration with this particular pattern. I ended up scrapping the project altogether. I like for my knit and crochet projects to help relax me, not make me more frustrated! You...
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    Anyone take Ambien?

    I have taken Ambien for about a year and find it works well. I do not have the grogginess that others have reported but medications can work differently for each person. I have a story about it though.. One night I took it and then decided to go downstairs to tell my husband something. I...
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    DOMS in legs question

    Me too!! Ummm... I'll definitely join you in the commiseration, Amy. I don't mind soreness but I can't stand having super sore legs. :-( I actually have a problem with a hamstring muscle that has plagued me for as long as I can remember which gets so sore that I feel like I have injured it and...