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    It's absolutely kick ass and I prefer it to microdermabrasion. I don't have skin sensitivities so its purely about the procedural preferences and results.
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    The meaning of your user name

    I'm a scientist and I try to tell myself that I'm still hot. ;)
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    College Advice? (Warning: Very Long Post!)

    sorry just got back onto the forums -- the cost of one AP exam is about $87 I thinks without any school subsidy. I think $87 is way cheaper than a single unit at Northwestern so financially, I always tell my students to ramp up on the APs since *most* schools take them (my school didn't so...
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    College Advice? (Warning: Very Long Post!)

    I'm in a rush but I just wanted to jot this down (I specifically prep students to go into top tier schools)... 1) Score insanely high on the PSAT first. It is the first step to becoming a national merit scholar and that honor still means something. 2) Study and take your AP Music Theory exam...
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    What's your motivation/matra?

    :) This may sound cocky, but I tell myself, "if an ordinary person can do it, then I can, because I'm extraordinary." But it applies to non-fitness stuff as well...
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    Another Dog question

    Yes, I am back with another dog question...and I have a massive prologue for it too!! For those of you who don't remember (why should you?), I have a grey/lab/pit mix named Evee. She's freaking gorgeous and awesome. One day in august, she went to doggie day care and she came back exhausted...
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    Stick Vacuum Recommendations? For the price (I got it cheaper on sale) it's pretty good. It doesn't do as well at the hoover platinum stick vac thing but it's about half the price. It picks up dog hair and dust pretty well...
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    MORE DOG HELP!!?!?!

    Thanks Kathryn -- I'm surprised about the DMSO (I use it in my lab as an organic solvent), I'll look that up. MSM is in the the supplement I'm getting her so I'll see if that helps. The rimadyl, which is a modified form of ibuprofen safe for dogs, is working but I haven't gotten a blood test...
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    MORE DOG HELP!!?!?!

    Thanks for the advice! I got some fish oil as well -- honestly, it seems that the test the vet did made her worse but she's such a trooper and doesn't want to make a fuss. She even held everything in all yesterday until we carried her outside to let her relieve herself today. She's trying to...
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    MORE DOG HELP!!?!?!

    sorry for the screaming. I'm crying right now. So I took Evee to a vet and demanded an X-ray. Before the X-ray they did confirm she had pain in her leg. But the X-ray showed that she's pretty screwed in her left hip. She doesn't have dysplasia but she started having arthritis and she...
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    More Dog Help?

    Ok, I'm taking her to another vet. Thanks guys! I sorta knew I needed to do that but it really helps me solidify the decision. Also, I'll try to take video of her when she gets up from her bed. Part of the problem is that she doesn't appear to have problems when we're around other dogs...
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    Single and happy... what's WRONG with that?!?

    I try to tell myself when people are pushing their own paradigm its not out of malice but because they derive happiness from their lifestyle and no other and since they just want you to be happy, they want you to have *their* happiness. I'm not in the same boat as you are but I still won't...
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    More Dog Help?

    So my lovable frenetic Evee is no more. My greyhound/pitbull/lab use to have this awesome frenetic energy. she would run and jump and just go crazy. Once she climbed up into an 8 ft tree to chase a squirrel and jumped back down with no problems. The only problem she had was a luxating...
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    OMG! I walked into the men's locker room by mistake!

    well, were they happy to see you? ;) One time I walked into the locker room very tired and all I could see was the full naked backside of someone so buff I had to make sure I was in women's locker room. My heart was literally frozen while I had to go walk to the front of the the door. I mean...
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    New Dog--Need Advice

    Gentle Leader: Though my dog learned how to escape out of it. I would try to socialize your dog with dogs who are more alpha than he is. After the hierarchy is established, your dog may just learn...