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    Oh my butt!!!

    I hadn't done this one in ages and did it yesterday after seeing this post. I had forgotten how cardio intensive this workout is. And my butt is sore this morning :) By the way, how does anyone do that move where you use 5lb weights, stand on one leg and put the weights down across your body...
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    wrist weights for micro-loading?

    I have a pair of 0.5kg (1.1lb) and 1kg (2.2lb) wrist weights that I use. I find I can usually hold the wrist weight with the velcro strap part in the palm of my hand and the bulky weight part across the back of my hand and this allows me to hold the dumbbell or barbell as well. This saves me...
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    What weights do you use?

    OK, so in addition to the weights related equipment I also have a Fit Tower, a Balanced Body Allegro Pilates Reformer with box and jumpboard (most expensive item), a Malibu Pilates Chair, a spin bike, a boxing bag, squat racks, a Lymphaciser rebounder (most recent purchase), a slide board, a...
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    What weights do you use?

    I am in NZ so our weights are in kilograms not pounds, but I've added the pound conversion. I've been adding to my home gym for a number of years now and have a lot of equipment. I have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 kg Dumbbells (2.2-15.4 lbs), a 9 kg dumbbell (20 lb), these are the ones I use most...
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    Zumba 101?

    I bought the Zumba branded ones, they were the only ones I could get at a reasonable price when I bought them a few years ago. I live in New Zealand so often have limited options compared to other countries. There is another brand Z Gliderz that include a heel strap which would be worth...
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    Zumba 101?

    Zumba is a registered trademark so any instructor offering live Zumba classes should be following the Zumba training and therefore the foundation steps should be consistent across classes. It is best to start with one of the Zumba programs that includes a few different workouts. Try Amazon...
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    Percent increase by end of program?

    Meso 3 is 5%. When I did STS I actually found that my one rep max before I did the program and by the end of the program increased significantly. It varied for different exercises but there were quite a few where I increased by 30-40% and the Static Barbell Lunge I increased by more than 100%...
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    Modification for Bear Crawls?

    Have you tried doing these on your knuckles rather than flat palms? Or maybe you could try using small push up bars or light dumbbells so your wrists aren't in a flexed position. Another more expensive alternative is to invest in some Wrist Assured Gloves (WAGS). These have a padded insert...
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    Happy birthday Cathe!

    Happy Birthday Cathe! :)
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    Seeking advice on workouts when grieving

    Thanks or sharing Amy. So sorry for your losses of your brother and friend only a few years ago and now your dog. That's a lot to deal with. For me the truly awful part was making that decision to euthanize her. It was my responsibility to make that decision and I didn't want to rob her of...
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    Medical advice concerning heart

    Aycaramba, it sounds like a stress reaction. I recently went through a highly stressful period which I am just starting to recover from. At the time I would lie awake all night with the sound of my heartbeat in my ears. In my case my blood pressure and pulse rate were elevated. I also had a...
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    Seeking advice on workouts when grieving

    Thanks Elsie. I have been taking Pro Supps Crash formula to help me sleep. It is a sleep and recovery formula. One dose tends to carry over for 2-3 nights so I only need to take it 2-3 times a week. I've also started exercising again but only short workouts.
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    Seeking advice on workouts when grieving

    Thanks Aqua Girl, 1nortell, Debinmi and Jamie Vaughn for your kind words and suggestions. Aqua Girl, so sorry about Coco and like you my life was built around my cat Tammy. She was also a rescue that I got from the shelter when she was 1 year old. One small blessing of being locked down...
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    Seeking advice on workouts when grieving

    I had to put my beloved little tabby cat down today. She was 18.5 years old and developed a very aggressive tumour in her nasal passage and started showing symptoms 8 weeks ago. She was starting to lose quality of life so I had to make the difficult decision before she started really...
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    Video Clip of Cathe's All Low Impact Kickboxing, Hiit and Core Live Workout

    I did this one yesterday and loved it especially as there were no jacks and not too much jump rope. It was a good pace and intensity.