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    Knee Injury Update

    Hi Ashaw. I've been working on trying to deepen my squats and lunges and some of the material I've come across also covers knee issues. Knee pain can be caused from misalignment in other areas such as the hip, ankle or foot. It could also be muscles that are tight and weak that are pulling...
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    anyone else seeing weird message at upper left corner of their screen?

    I see it on the Workout Manager page too, but not on any others. I think Workout Manager has a nutrition/diet section that may be linked to the FatSecret platform and the link is no longer working. That's my guess anyway.
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    Happy Birthday Cathe!

    Happy Birthday Cathe!!! Hope you have a great day!
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    Confused on proper form....

    Definitely for rear delts you want to focus on outwards rather than upwards, and if you do this right you won't be able to lift your arms as high and will feel the squeeze in your delts more. Imagine you have a cord attached to each arm and the side walls of the room that are pulling your arms...
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    Hurt my Knee - So Upset

    Good idea to take a rest and recovery week. I do this occasionally when certain joints and muscles start to play up but I add a few stretch and recovery workouts during the week just to make sure I don't stiffen up. Afterwards you may want to start back with Barre and Mat lower body exercises...
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    Metabolic, PHA, Bootcamp, or Circuit Most Cardio-ish?

    I usually go for lower impact less cardio intensive workouts so here are a few that have the dread-factor for me. ;) Out of the 3 DVD PHA workouts I find PHA 3 elevates my heart rate the most. I have never done DrillMax, CrossFire, To The Max, Body Max 1 or Body Max 2 in their entirety. I...
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    Next series after XTrain?

    Maybe Strong & Sweaty. I really like the Ramped Up Upper Body workout. It also has Total Body Giant Sets, the original PHA, a Boot Camp workout and a Cardio workout. There's also the 3 Gym Style workouts which are part of the Hardcore Series. Or even the Slow and Heavy Series.
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    Men working out with Cathe

    I'm thinking Kickboxing too. Cathe's ICE Rock 'm Sock 'm, and her Lite Revved Up Rumble might be good ones to start with as they are a bit lower impact and you can modify any jumping moves. They also have the added high intensity bonuses, the Blizzard Blast for Rock 'm Sock 'm and the Calorie...
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    Men working out with Cathe

    It may be that they perceive that a class led by a woman is going to be targeted at women and they don't want to be seen to be doing a woman's workout. Beach Body P90X and Body Beast, both led by men, seemed to be popular with men.
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    STS equipment

    I have a fit tower but not the barbell clips. At the time the additional cost of the barbell clips would have put the total cost of the fit tower including shipping over the limit where I would need to pay extra taxes and duties. I have a separate squat rack. I like the idea of using the...
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    Poll: Tracking/recording your workouts/rotations ?

    I have a food diary on an excel spreadsheet which I also use to track all my workouts, not just Cathe ones. I also track any other important health info like glucose scores, results from blood tests, blood pressure etc.
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    Cathe's Perfect Flow Mobility Basics Workout

    Kellyro77, I have the same problem as you with doing scorpions. Rolling on my chest like that really hurts, and I don't have large breasts either.
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    STS: 2.0 update

    I'm really looking forward to this series. :)
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    Cathe's Cardio Metabolic Sweat

    This one got my inner thighs really good. They're still talking to me 2 days later. I usually don't like cardio workouts but this one was good and easily modified. :)
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    Adjustable Dumbbells : Suggestions???

    Just bought a pair of Power Blocks Pro 50 EXP. One of the stores that sells them just put them on special for Easter, 10% off. I also bought a stand which was 10% off too. One thing to note with adjustable dumbbells is the length of the dumbbell. That is one thing I like with the Power...