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  • Not that you are doing anything "wrong" but consistency is important....is your workout routine the same all the time (you work out every M,W,F, at 3:00)?... ifso, journal food and exercise and jolt it....change how you do your splits (instead of ub/lb do front/back). Front/Back split is Chest and Hams or Back and Quads etc) Instead of doing your cardio running try a cycle class....just try some things that would catch your body "off guard"....The journaling gives you the chance to go back 6 weeks from now and see whats working and whats not...
    GymGem,i just posted this on my cathespace but i figured it wouldn't hurt to post it here as well! And,i just read your success story,WOW..good for you! Your success is an inspirtion! Your before weight is almost what i weigh now:(187 to be exact,but i have come a long weigh..use to weigh 278. Im also 5'3! You look great girl!!!

    Hey Gymgem, Sure! I would love some advice! I just typed about three long paragraphs and I lost it(ugh) so i will make this one shorter,LOL

    Right now this is what iam doing
    -work each muslce group twice a week(UB/LB splits,full body,circuits)
    -cardio(run intervals,powerwalk,dogwalks) 4times a week
    -two rest days a week

    Ive recently discovered a site that calculates my calories,macro's and calories burned(estimate) and going by this site,i haven't been eating enough? It says that i should be eating atleast 1590 because of my activity level and workouts...and on days I workout it has me anywere from 1850-2100...very interesting!~ the site is called myfitnesspal.com if you want to check it out!

    I think the biggest problem that i have is the eating,so far this week so good,but before i discovered that site i was telling you about I was eating around 1200-1400 and i would go fine for a couple of days then all hell breaks loose and im binging on anything in front of me:confused:,which has got to be a sign that im not eating right!

    So.... what do you think? What im i doing wrong?
    Thank you so much for the offer to help me! Very kind of you!
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