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    Cathe Live and Cathe on DeMand

    What's the difference of these two?
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    Length of Cathe's Live workouts

    What's the average length of Cathe Live workouts?
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    Which weight series/workout......

    ....... include weight work that utilized 3 sets of heavy weight with the goal of failure at the end of the third set? Thanks in advance!
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    Body Beast or STS

    One thing I love about all Cathe workouts, is the stretch. When you factor in the thought of adding your own stretch to BB, you'll come out really close to the STS workout times. :)
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    Nutrient Tracker

    Have you tried
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    We're Done!

    I just wanted to clarify here since I posted my concern here. It was the dvd's that I received notification about. They did arrive today. There a problem with the calendar, but they are mailing it today. Support truly lives up to their name. :)
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    We're Done!

    Why haven't I received a 'package has shipped' email? I'm sure my calendar should arrive tomorrow or Thursday, but I've not gotten anything about the new series. Can someone check on this for me?
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    Video Clip of Strong & Sweaty Cardio Slam

    Renee, it took me months to get that thing in Party Rock Step 1. But I love it now. Don't give up.
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    Rotation suggestions please

    Elsie, I've done that on some days. But for some reason I haven't stuck to one body part a day. I don't know why though. Hmmmm. I'll have to revisit that. Jane, that's another good suggestion also. Two of the five Cathe workouts that's in their ondemand system is after burn and super...
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    Rotation suggestions please

    Hey Ladies, I need help putting together a rotation at the gym that only takes about 35 min. Right now, I decide what I will do when I get there. There have workouts on demand, and I love the variety - but I need to incorporate more weight work consistently. I have started back running so...
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    PHA Premixes

    Can you add times to the premixes? Pretty please?!?!?!?!
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    Where is Cedie?

    I'm friends with Lorraine on FB. She's doing crossfit and I think leading group workouts.
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    Strong & Sweaty Ramped Up Upper Body Outfits

    Dang Amanda! (Need I say more?)
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    Cycle Sweat Group Shot

    I don't have a bike. But I think I will try walk/running on my treadmill to the first two cycle dvds that I bought. That will be a different type of Saturday workout.